Is GTA 5 Current-Gen Or Next Gen? Rockstar North Wants Devs For Both

Tom Hopkins

Grand Theft Auto 5 studio Rockstar North wants developers for current and next-gen hardware.

Published on Jan 16, 2012

GTA 5 is currently in full development over at Edinburgh-based Rockstar North, which has developed every Grand Theft Auto game in the series ever since the debut of the original top-down GTA.

But will GTA 5 be next-gen or current-gen? Even Rockstar North seems unsure, using both terms in recent vacancy listings for a Physics Programmer and Environment Artist.

We'd bet that both positions are to work on GTA 5, yet the first is looking for experience on "current generation consoles," while the latter wants someone with the "skill to get the most from next-gen consoles."

Is GTA 5 set to launch on the much-rumoured next Xbox?

In actuality, a next-gen version of the game is highly unlikely. At the very least these ads tell us that it's about time game job listings (and those in the industry at large) were a little more accurate in distinguishing between new, current and future hardware.

And what of Wii U, essentially current-gen technology, but timed to launch alongside potentially greater-powered hardware? It's a minefield.

GTA 5's launch platforms, or release window have yet to be announced.



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