Resident Evil 6 In Development At Western Dev - Rumour

Tom Hopkins

Spark Unlimited working on horror sequel for established franchise.

Published on Dec 16, 2011

Another new Resident Evil game could be in development at a western developer if current online speculation is accurate.

California-based dev Spark Unlimited is working on two projecs, with one described on the studio's site as "a breakout game based on an established console franchise," and "a bold new take on 3rd Person Action/Horror."

The studio is also hiring for the project according to its jobs page, which includes a listing for a lead designer.

Adding fuel to the fire is the recent appointment of Hoshiko Oyamatsu. As noted on GAF, the VFX designer was at Capcom for over a decade, but recently upped sticks for Spark.

Meanwhile, the dev has responded to questions about the project on Twitter, confirmed minor details: "We are creating the game for the publisher. They call the shots in all regards for the game. We just offer our developer opinions."

Earlier today it added: "Spark is the developer. We are concerned that we deliver the game. The publisher delivers the fan demand as they think best."

The studio said it can "neither confirm nor deny what we are working on or whom we are working with."

Sounds similar to the way Capcom worked with Blue Castle games on Dead Rising 2, Slant Six on Raccoon City and Ninja Theory for the upcoming Devil May Cry.

The next numbered Resident Evil sequel has long been the subject of speculation, most recently rumoured to be set in Canada.

Capcom certainly isn't averse to giving some big projects to Western devs, and although Spark's pedigree isn't quite as glowing as other studio's the publisher would be confident with full supervision over the project.

All this is purely hypothetical of course - is there anything to it? Have your sau in the comment section below.



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