Square Enix Confirms Website Hack

Tom Hopkins

Final Fantasy publisher's server breached, but no credit card info leaked.

Published on Dec 14, 2011

Square Enix US has confirmed it had to temporarily suspend its Square Enix Members service after a server was compromised.

"We have reason to believe that unknown parties may have gained unauthorized access to a particular Square Enix server related to the free Square Enix Members service offered in North America and Japan," the publisher revealed.

"In response, Square Enix, Inc. has temporarily suspended operation of the Square Enix Members service starting at 10PM (PST) on December 12, 2011."

Square Enix confirmed that no credit card information is stored on the server, so there's not chance of leaked payment information, although "some personal information may have been accessed."

"We estimate that the suspension will continue for a few days until we complete our investigation and counter-measures. We will update you as we learn more."

Square Enix added that is treating the matter "extremely seriously."



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