DmC Devil May Cry: 'We're Not Just A Bunch Of Monkeys' - Ninja Theory

Tom Hopkins

DmC Devil May Cry direction has full support of Capcom despite fan reaction, says Ninja Theory.

Published on Dec 8, 2011

DmC's negative fan reaction was in-part expected at Ninja Theory, while Capcom's supervision and support proves the developer isn't "just a bunch of monkeys," when it comes to taking the franchise forward, creative chief Tameem Antionades has told NowGamer.

"We were all prepared for a negative reaction to an extent. Capcom moved one of their much-loved franchises to an external studio for it to be taken in a new direction. It would be naive to think that there wouldn’t be a reaction," Antionades said of the initial fan reponse to the new-look Dante and wor do Ninja Theory's involvement.

"We’re happy and we have the full support of Capcom with our chosen narrative and gameplay direction. This approval alone should assure people that although this is a re-birth, with some bold decisions being made, we are not just a bunch of monkeys," he added.

DmC Devil May Cry is expected to arrive on PS3 and Xbox 360 next year - look out for more on DmC's combat and the new-look Dante in our upcoming Ninja Theory Q&A.



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