Skyrim PC Gets Huge Nvidia Performance Guide

Tom Hopkins

Get the best performance out of Skyrim on PC with graphics card manufacturer's hints.

Published on Dec 7, 2011

Skyrim should run smoothly - on PC - wth Nvidia's latest tweak guide, which gives players all the info they need to get the best performance out of the game.

"What follows are full descriptions for all of the settings available in Skyrim's options menus. Screenshot comparisons are provided where relevant to highlight the impact on image quality of each setting," reads the intro.

"Performance information is also provided for every setting, although bear in mind that the precise impact on your particular system depends on your specific hardware combination and and your other game and system-wide settings. The aim here is to give you enough information so that you can make an informed choice as to the settings you enable or disable to obtain a balance of visual quality and performance acceptable to you."

Skyrim's performance issues on all platforms have been well-documented, but the PS3 appears to suffer the worst - Bethesda's on it though.

Check out Nvidia's 20-page Skyrim optimisation guide for more.



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