Gravity Rush Is PS Vita's Most Beautiful Game

Tom Hopkins

Is Japan Studio's action game Vita's killer app?

Gravity Rush, the new, PS Vita-exclusive IP from Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama, could be the best new game to emerge for Sony's upcoming handheld.

We saw the game (known as Gravity Daze in Japan) this week at the PS Vita experience event in London, and got to go hands on with the third-person action game which not only sports a fantastic stylised palette and visual design, but also an extremely engaging core mechanic which enables players to mess with gravity and make any geometric plane, such as the side of a building, the ground beneath your feet.

It sounds gimmicky, and the concept has been attempted before, but Gravity Rush perfects the idea, giving players an intuitive way to alter their surroundings - and all the while integrating combat, RPG and narrative elements too.

While our flight height was capped in the demo we played, the UK producer also told us that the city we were playing in was a huge floating island and that the whole environment could be navigated much like an open-world game. The gameplay was punctuated by a slick comic-panel style interface that also had a nice three-dimensional effect tied to the Vita's gyro sensor.

If you're interested in the PS Vita, Gravity Rush should definitely be on you radar - from the little we saw we'd be just as happy to see it come to the PS3.

Check out the Gamescom trailer for more.

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