GTA 5: 'Internet Lunacy' Continues With Map Leak Claims

Tom Hopkins

Alleged GTA 5 map and screen hit the internet.

GTA 5's rumour mill keeps turning, with the latest reports about Rockstar's secretive project claiming that an insider has leaked a map of Los Santos and the surrounding area.

The design appears to be influenced more by those featured in GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas, and it's certainly detailed, including what we already know - and what has been rumoured - about the GTA 5 game environment.

An accompanying screen is far less convincing however, showing a character and environment that could easily be recreated in a GTA IV mod.

We're not convinced that the map is authentic, or that it's a genuine leak either - although it should be noted that it doesn't appear to recreate any existing areas from previous GTA games.

Check out the screens - as well as the official GTA: San Andreas and GTA IV maps in our gallery and come to your own conclusions.

Rockstar warned us about this sort of thing.

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