Beyond Good & Evil 2 To Be 'Game I Always Dreamed Of' - Ancel

Tom Hopkins

Ubisoft's Michel Ancel keen on BGE sequel.

Published on Nov 15, 2011

Beyond Good & Evil 2 will leverage modern technology to fully realise   the original vision for the first game, creator Michel Ancel has told NowGamer.

Ancel's Rayman Origins launches this week, but news on the long in-development sequel to his cult 2003 action-adventure Beyond Good & Evil has been in short supply.

"The second game, Beyond Good & Evil 2, is a game that we really want to make, but at the right time. Beyond Good & Evil was very special to us, because it was our first action-adventure game. With the second one we really want to be able to create the original game we first dreamed about," Ancel told us.

His inspiration was an old open-world space sim. "I remember when I was making the first game I was thinking of Starglider, which I used to play when I was a kid. I was thinking about this game, remembering, ‘Wow, I can go anywhere I want and visit planets’ and with the original Beyond Good & Evil that was really what we wanted to do, but the technology wasn’t there to allow us to make such a big game."

The sequel would be a completely different. "With the sequel I intend to make the game I dreamed of when I was playing Starglider. I don’t see the old graphics of the game, I don’t see the balance of the game, I don’t see the limitations: I just want to explore this as freely as I want."

Ubisoft recently hinted that the success of Beyond Good & Evil HD and Rayman: Origins could improve Ancel's "leeway for other opportunities" with his studio.



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