GTA 5's City Size, Seasons, Gangs, Locations In Latest Rumours

Tom Hopkins

Alleged GTA 5 tester posts new RUMOURS.

Published on Nov 10, 2011

GTA 5 details haven't been elaborated on since Rockstar brought the internet to a halt with the game's reveal trailer - but the latest wave of rumours make some hugely specific claims about GTA 5's content.

We've listed many of the claims, which were originally posted on - then deleted from - the GTAforums. Treat them purely as RUMOUR for now.

Hit the link to see more recent GTA 5 rumours, or browse the current crop below:

- GTA 5's environment will be landlocked on some sides, with climbable mountain ranges and bordered by the pacific ocean to the south and west.

- Los Santos is the only 'major' city in the game, and is bigger than the whole of GTA IV's Liberty City. The game also includes smaller cities/towns.

- The surronding environment will range from snow-topped peaks to forests, beaches and deserts.

- GTA 5's progression is structured in a way that's entirely new for the franchise.

- The narrative focusses on a war between rival Mexican drug cartels.

- Gangs will make a return with African-American, Korean, Japanese and Russian mobs all featured - but not the Italian mafia.

- All planes in the trailer, bar passenger jets, can be piloted.

- Mini-games will include bowling, going to the shooting range

- The seasons will change, with the campaign taking place across a year.

- Weapons, player appearance, vehicles, and the type of vehcile that spawns at your safehouse can be customised.

- The protagonist is called Ray, is 53-year-old divorcee and has two young children who appear in cutscenes in the game.

- Hidden packages will be '100 crazy Sasquatches' place around the environment.

- Players will be penned in the playing environment by a 'never-ending mountain-range' when trying to circumnavigate it by sea, or an infinitely-long desert.

- The southeast part of the map is the Mexican-US border - skip the border and you'll get the top 'wanted' rating and be on your way to the desert.

- There will be dogs in the game.



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