Batman: Arkham City Dev: 'Superman Not Suited To Games'

Tom Hopkins

Rocksteady on lack of good Superman games.

Published on Oct 11, 2011

There are no good Superman videogames because the character is a 'difficult' one to develop for, Batman developer Rocksteady has told NowGamer.

Asked if the studio would ever be tempted to do for DC's Man of Steel what it's done for the Dark Knight - should the opportunity arise - Rocksteady's Dax Ginn told us that Superman is too powerful for his own good.

"I think Superman is a very difficult character. He’s an incredible character, but the thing about Batman is that he’s so vulnerable, like physically vulnerable," Ginn said in an interview. "The fertile territory of games design is being able to provide the player with opportunities for power, but also letting them know that they’ve got something to lose."

Batman's abilities are tempered by his own mortality, said the developer. "With Batman, you feel very powerful when you’re surrounded by 25 thugs who’ve just got baseball bats, but give just one of them an assault rifle and it changes the entire dynamic of the fight. But with a character like Superman, that’s not possible. So, I wouldn’t want to throw Batman away because he’s just such a brilliant character to work with, and the psychology of him is just very rich for gameplay."

Rocksteady plans to keep on making good games in the hope "great opportunities will follow," Ginn added.

Superman has had some pretty turgid game outings over the last few years - Rocksteady would be excellent candidates to turn the Kryptonian's interactive fortunes around.

Warner Bros. was so pleased with Christopher Nolan's work on the Batman movie franchise that it asked him to over see production of the next Superman film - should it ask Rocksteady to do the same for its game IP? Let us know your thoughts below.

Nightwing and Arkham City DLC details have just been confirmed.



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