Crytek: 10x Graphical Power Only Doubles Visual Fidelity

Tom Hopkins

Crysis dev on processing power misconception.

Published on Oct 3, 2011

Cutting-edge engine-creator and game developer Crytek has debunked the notion that graphical processing power directly corresponds to improvements in game visuals.

"Performance power and visual fidelity are not things that should be compared," CEO Cevat Yerli told NowGamer in an interview. Referring to a recent report by Nvidia, which states that its top graphics card is nine times the power of current consoles, he added. "Nine times more brute force power might not result in nine times more visual quality. It may, in fact, only result in 50 per cent more visual quality. Any benefit we get from increased hardware power today, is applied more and more to the finer details."

The power-to-beauty ratio isn't quite as high as you might think. "There is a diminishing return with every increase in power," added Yerli. "I would expect from a ten times more powerful spec set-up, a perceived improvement of visual experience, somewhere between a factor two, or two and a half. You would not get much more than that."

"If you were to have the same assets, but running on a PC that had a ten times faster GPU, you would get a ten times faster frame rate, but that’s not what you want. That’s not a visual improvement."

"When you start adding more complex shaders, then the power can be seen in the details. You get better lighting slightly and maybe smoother pixels, but for an average Joe – not for hardcore gamers – that image will not improve a lot."

Crytek has it's own experiences in that area with regard to the DirectX 11 update for Crysis 2.




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