Crysis On Consoles Supports 720p, 1080p

Dave Cook


Crytek confirms 1080p for original Crysis

Published on Sep 26, 2011

Crysis will support 720p and 1080p on both Xbox 360 and PS3, Crytek has confirmed.

During a NowGamer interview, Crytek's Franziska Lehnert clarified the resolution details, stating simply, 'The original Crysis will support both 720p and 1080p on both consoles.'

Crysis is due to be released on Xbox 360 and PS3 for the first time as a digital download on 4th October 2011. Crysis is expected to set a new precedent in digital download games when it launches.

Stay tuned for the full Crytek interview right here on NowGamer later this week.



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