Driver: San Francisco Online Pass Binned, Free DLC Incoming

Tom Hopkins

Driver: San Francisco value just increased three-fold.

Published on Sep 6, 2011

Driver: San Francisco's Uplay Online Pass will now enable players of second hand copies of the game to play online without charge.

According to Xbox Live support Ubisoft misprinted Uplay Passport box codes, meaning gamers that bought the game new wer unable to play online. Ubisoft will now reportedly scrap the system, making online play free for all.

Now when players are met with the Uplay Passport menu, selecting "Purchase Uplay Passport" will provide online access at no extra charge on consoles.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft has announced free DLC, with "12 new routes for all online modes" hitting all formats for free on 15 September, with an additional 10 routes being released, one a week, afterwards.

Game-to-web service Driver Club is also live now for Xbox 360 and PS3 copies of the game - details below:

-      Unlock exclusive achievements
-      Find your stats and check the leaderboards
-      Showcase your film director clips
-      See and rate your friends’ clips
-      Review the Community facts
-      Follow your friends’ activities using the Driver Social feed



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