MW3 Multiplayer Trailer Shows New Killstreaks, Weapons, 'Kill Confirmed' Mode

Adam Barnes

Modern Warfare 3

What's new to Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer mode?

Published on Sep 2, 2011

The latest gameplay video released from Infinity Ward and Activision highlights multiplayer in the next Call Of Duty - but what does it tell us?

New Mode: Kill Confirmed

Game type 'Kill Confirmed' has been revealed, but with no details of what this really means. Judging off name alone, it sounds as though it'll be less about the most kills - like traditional Team Deathmatch modes - and instead incorporating some kind of point system.

Dog Tags

Immediately after the section highlighting Kill Confirmed we're shown dog tags. A first for the series - something Battlefield 3 is looking to implement from previous versions of DICE's franchise - but is this somehow related to 'Kill Confirmed'? Perhaps players must collect these dog tags to increase their score - thus, confirming the kill - or are these simply aesthetic as rewards for kills?

Weapon Proficiency - Focus/Kick

What exactly is 'proficiency'? The trailer seems to suggest that related abilities can be equipped, with proficiency appearing underneath the equipped weapon. Focus and Kick are two of the abilities that appear in the trailer, but it doesn't explain what they do.

Perhaps using a weapon over a longer period of time will unlock additional abilities, with Focus and Kick two examples of this. Is Kick a new melee attack that might stun the opponent? Focus must, surely, improve aiming in some way.

Then there's a third ability - "Attachments 2" - which obviously means proficiency with this weapon enables the use of two attachments rather than the limit of just one.

New Weapon: Bouncing Betty

A new tool for Modern Warfare, this round, flat explosive is used in the trailer and planted - like a mine - on the ground. The weapon is even seen denotating, which bounces up and destroys an enemy. Similar to the claymore, then, it seems this new weapon will be used to restrict access to certain areas, but how does it change the traditional claymore system?

Elite Interaction

We knew that Elite would be built into Modern Warfare 3, but this trailer tells us how. "Optimal Bootleg CQS Class Pushed To Game" is clearly seen in the trailer, but what the hell does that mean? Can Elite store special classes for special maps or game modes, and why is it being put into the game?

Then there's Clan integration, with "[FRST] Clan Leader" highlighted on one of the players in the video. Will this appear in game, telling people how important you are within your clan?

There's also "video viewed" and while it's hard to tell entirely what this sentence says -

And finally there's "Posted Game Mode To Elite. Highest Rated Mode Posted" - is this showing off the player's best game in this type? Is it highlighting Modern Warfare 3 working consistently within Elite?

Strike Package - Assault

We're not sure what "Strike Package" means, but there are two types revealed: Assault and Support.

The only Assault chain Killstreaks revealed here are 'UAV', 'AH-6 Overwatch' and 'Juggernaut'. UAV we obviously know about, since it's such a traditional Modern Warfare multiplayer. Does this mean Assault Killstreaks are just the same as normal, offensive Killstreaks?

'AH-6 Overwatch' - it's not said what this means, exactly, but the military do have access to small helicopters which are named "AH-6". The icon in the trailer certainly seems to confirm this too, though it's too small to really tell. What does this mean? Is it personal recon or a handy companion that will follow the player around and provide assistance in combat?

Lastly, 'Juggernaut'. Call Of Duty experts will know just what a Juggernaut is, so it seems likely that - after scoring 15 kills to earn this Killstreak - players can become a Juggernaut, a powerful, heavily-armoured warrior. Sounds a little overpowered, to us.

Strike Package - Specialist

This is a very new feature. Judging by the video, Specialist is a whole new Killstreak system - like Assault and Strike - but unlike those two, Specialist seems to use existing Killstreaks to unlock additional perks.

The video itself highlights an example: after two kills, Scavanger Pro is unlocked, after four kills Steady Aim Pro is unlocked and, finally, after six kills Marksman Pro is unlocked. This basically means players can have six perks active in total, with additional perks unlocking every two kills.

It's a very new system, and one that could be a little overpowered, but we'll be getting hands-on with the game at COD XP, so expect to see our thoughts soon.

Strike Package - Support

Support Killstreaks are represented more in the trailer, but we've already noticed that they won't reset your killstreak if you die.

Some of these Killstreaks are:

Airdrop Trap
Remote Turret
Ballistic Vest
Recon Drone


Airdrop Trap

This Killstreak is highlighted in the trailer, which shows a decoy care package dropping from a chopper killing an enemy who tries to open it - it's not confirmed that this is the Killstreak used, but that certainly sounds like an 'Airdrop Trap' to us.

Remote Turret

It's a turret, that's obviously activated remotely. There's probably no more subtlety to this Killstreak than that. If you find yourself using the turrets regularly in Modern Warfare 3, then this is definitely the one for you.

Ballistic Vest

Another self-explanatory Killstreak, this one will likely equip the player with additional armour to protect against damage. Is this the new Juggernaut perk? As a support Killstreak, this could well be used for the whole team, but there's nothing to suggest that that's the case.

Recon Drone

Much like the Assault package 'AH-6 Overwatch', it seems like this will be a small chopper, perhaps offering personal recon over the team-based UAV.

New Perks

Recon is the first new perk we spotted, but no real information on what it does. Obviously it'll be focused on providing some kind of mini-map assistance, but we're not sure how.

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