Call of Duty: Elite Is 'Social But Still Hardcore'

Dave Cook


Beachhead discusses the beauty of Call of Duty: Elite

Published on Aug 24, 2011

Call of Duty: Elite, the franchise's highly anticipated competitive social network is looming nea, and you can read our full hands-on impressions with it right here.

While it's a social playground for players of all types, developer Beachhead has stressed that hardcore Call of Duty players will be able to put their skills to the utmost test via the service.

In a NowGamer interview, Beachhead's product manager Noah Heller explained that the studio employed a psychologist to ensure that the service caters to players of all skill levels and interests.

"We had a vision in our mind at the start that we could build something that was useful to all gamers simultaneously" Heller explained, "There are the noobies that get super intimidated. They don’t win the first couple of matches and then they go away forever."

"There are the people who couldn’t give a crap about stastistics and they’re there for socialization. They’re the people who are going to go out clubbing at night and they want a few matches to have a good time."

On the subject of appeasing hardcore players, Heller explained, "Other guys are ultra competitive and they say I don’t only want to win, I want to prove to everyone that I’m a winner and I rock."

"They’re more like lone wolves. We said let’s go really hardcore on the clan leader tool and let’s make the clan experience for everyone else really simple and easy. So it’s about understanding who is going to use this feature and what kind of UI they’re expecting."



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