Deus Ex Dev: AI 'Is Not Perfect'

Ryan King

Game director Jean-Francois Dugas admits Deus Ex: Human Revolution AI 'is not perfect.'

Published on Aug 23, 2011

Talking to Play magazine, he admits the AI is flawed but thinks that gamers will still be satisfied with the overall experience.

"I'd be lying if I said the AI meets all of our expectations but I think it's normal that every developer has something they'd like to do differently," he said. "That being said, when you look at the type of game we're making, where stealth and combat need to cohabit as naturally as possible, I think overall gamers will be satisfied with what we did. It's not perfect but it makes for interesting gameplay situations."

The interview, which also touches on fan backlash and his hopes for the future, can be found in issue 208 of Play, which is on sale now from Play 208 is available from, all good newsagents and on iTunes.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution hits North America today and Europe this  Friday - hit the links to check out NowGamer's PS3 and 360 verdicts.



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