Mass Effect 3: New Details On Characters, Classes, Story And More

Tom Hopkins

Mass Effect 3

New Mass Effect 3 facts confirmed by BioWare.

Published on Aug 22, 2011

Mass Effect 3 isn't out until next year but speculation is already in full swing over where the trilogy-ending sequel will go and how it will conclude.

Numerous Mass Effect 3 details were confirmed by BioWare during Gamescom last week, with some tweaks seemingly the result of fan feedback.

Check out the big ones below and beware minor spoilers.

- Cerberus is just an antagonist and not available as a faction to align with.

- ME3 will include mini-games although Hammerhead and Mako missions won't include exploration. Planet-scanning is unlikely to return.

- The choices made in the trail at the beginning of Mass Effect 3 will determine the tone of that playthrough.

- New character James Vega's voice actor is a closely-guarded secret.

- The DLC robot dog in the collector's edition of the game can be interacted with aboard the Normandy.
- The character creator will have more features and hair-styles included.

- BioWare is considering reward fans with a special achievement across all three games.

- Each of Shepard's squad members will have their stories resolved.

- Loyalty now revolves more around races, rather than individuals.

- The conflict between the Geth and the Quarians will be resolved.

- There are new powers with up to six branches on the customisation tree.

- There will be more romance options in Mass Effect 3.

- Players will be able to change class when importing a character from Mass Effect 2.

- The Normandy will be the SR-2 and be styled and upgraded by the Alliance.

- The XP system is similar to Mass Effect, and missions won't have summaries like in Mass Effect 2.

- The trilogy will be given some level of closure with the end of Mass Effect 3.

- BioWare will not release a Mass Effect SDK after ME3.

- If alive in your game, the assassin Thane will return, as will Shepard's ME2 assistant Kelly Chambers, Legion, Miranda and others.

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