Rage: PS3 Version Uses 'Every Core', No 'Nasty Texture Pop-Up'

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id Software's Tim Willits gets technical with Rage on PS3

Published on Aug 19, 2011

Rage, the post-apocalyptic FPS from genre godfathers id Software, will max out every one of the PS3's processors according to Creative Director Tim Willits.

"Carmack and the guys looked at the capabilities of all three formats, you know the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. They're all similar under the hood in that they're all multi-core, which is required if you want to achieve 60fps," Willits told NowGamer this week at Gamescom.

Rage is the first game to use new engine idTech 5, which was designed to get the best out of PCs and consoles alike added Willits. "When you build an engine from the ground up, it makes the process of achieving these milestones much easier than using an old system and trying to fit it around old tech and methods. On the PS3 version, every CPU that isn't being used, is doing something in the background, so Rage uses every core under the console's hood."

John Carmack discussed as recently as QuakeCon earlier this month some of the issues with optimising Rage on all platforms, and confirmed that tech limitations still result in such things as texture pop-in on versions of the game.

Willits told NowGamer that the way Rage uses the PS3's multi-core processors would reduce pop-in.

"The extra cores are assigned to work on textures in the background, as there's tons of visual data on the blu ray and on the hard drive," he explained. "We load compressed JPG data, and assign those extra cores to work on these textures, and uncompress them in the background so there is no nasty pop up, or blurred textures."

Want a taster of Rage before it launches for PS3, PC and Xbox 360 on 7 October?

Hit the link to get the iOS version of Rage for iPhone or iPad - free - for a limited time.

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