Witcher Devs: Team Too Small For PS3 Witcher 2

Nick Jones


However, it could still come to PS3 in the future.

Published on Aug 19, 2011

Marek Ciemak, at Witcher 2 developer CDProjekt, has told NowGamer that a PS3 version of Witcher 2 is not a priority right now.

The highly regarded PC RPG The Witcher 2 was confirmed for Xbox 360 a couple of months ago.

After a demo of The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 at Gamescom, we asked Ciemak if there would be a PS3 version, he told us, "That's not something we're thinking about at this stage. Right now, we're focused on the Xbox 360 version just like before we were focused on the PC version."

However, there's hope that The Witcher 2 will come to PS3 at some point in the future, "Sure we would like to see the game on PlayStation and we'd like to deliver it to those players. But we can't do everything at the same time and it's a little more difficult than the Xbox version for us. Maybe if we have more manpower it would be a little bit easier."

So it was that the team wasn't big enough to make a PS3 version?

"Yes, of course. We really like PlayStation as players and the team, we all love the console, but it's more a business decision and how much we can carry right now at this moment. We can't do everything at the same time."



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