Dark Souls World 'Three To Four Times Bigger Than Demon's Souls'

Adam Barnes


Namco Bandai reveals Dark Souls will keep its persistent online mode.

Dark Souls developer From Software was at Gamescom showing off an all-new environment for the game, but we managed to get some time to speak to publishing producer Kei Horono.

When quizzed on the open world aspect of Dark Souls, Horono said "You can't go everywhere from the beginning. You'll know if you're going the wrong way because you will die."

"Increased difficulty doesn't just come from harder enemies," Horono continues, "but from tactical elements and the environments themselves."

According to Horono, Dark Souls environment is a "seamlessly connected world. If you can see an area in the distance then you can go there. This world is about three to four times as big as the world in Demon's Souls. There's also double the amount of accessories and weapons in this game."

Additionally there may well be extra areas and items post-release we're told, as Horono reveals "there will be a couple of DLC packs." This leaves a bitter taste, since a pre-release DLC announcement suggests content may well be left out of the final retail release for future content.

Still, Dark Souls will continue to improve that innovative onilne system used in Demon's Souls, as Horono tells us they "have increased the vocabulary" of the messaging system.

"We don't want people writing paragraphs," he said, "We've balanced it so we're keeping communication to a minimum, yet still deliver the chance for players to enhance each other's gameplay experience."

For more information, be sure to read our latest Dark Souls hands-on preview.

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