Uncharted 3 "Bigger Than 50GB Blu-ray Disc'" – Naughty Dog

Tom Hopkins

Uncharted 3

Naughty Dog's Arne Meyer admits Uncharted 3 'too big'.

Published on Aug 17, 2011

Uncharted 3 currently comprises over 50GB of data and assets according to Naughty Dog marketing boss Meyer.

Speaking to NowGamer at Gamescom about being PS3-exclusive Meyer said: "I think it really helps. It's not even about sales. It's about what we can push on the platform and how far we can take it. I'm sure you'll hear this from every other Sony developer but you know, I can't tell you how much we've been able to optimise Cell and you know, the amount of content we can put on Blu-ray."

According to Meyer Uncharted 2 "barely made it to 25GB", while Naughty Dog is "going over 50GB this time," for Uncharted 3.

Pressed on the data limits for Blu-ray Meyer confirmed "50. At the moment, it's 50GB."

So if Naughty Dog's going over 50GB? "If you're going over 50, then I guess you'll have to be on multiple discs," said Meyer. "But we'll be under 50. We'll be one disc."

We guess there's still some optimisation and compression left to do on Uncharted 3 before launch then, either way it looks like Uncharted 3 will be the biggest PS3 game to date.

Keep an eye on NowGamer for laods more Gamescom news and reveals this week.

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