Play FIFA 12, Madden NFL 12 Early With EA Sports Season Ticket

Tom Hopkins

EA Sports just announced a digital initiative for its biggest franchises

Published on Aug 2, 2011

FIFA 12, Madden NFL 12, NHL and Tiger Woods PGA Tour games will be made available to consumers three days early via the new digital program, EA Sports Season Ticket.

Only announced for Xbox 360 so far, gamers will be able to pay an annual fee of 2,000 Microsoft points (around £20) for the right to download and play the full version of upcoming Madden, FIFA, NHL and Tiger Woods titles, though after the trial period, the game will time out and point gamers towards buying a retail disc - you'll be able to transfer any progress made during the trial period.

The programme has been confirmed for the PS3 in the US, but EA Sports hasn't confirmed anything for Europe at present.

The programme will also give players 20 per cent off of EA Sports DLC, free premium content and a membership badge displayed on profiles and in-game.

“EA Sports Season Ticket is an important step in our vision for transforming how deeply fans connect with the sports games they love through digital products and services," said EA Sports boss Peter Moore.

"We’re excited to continue evolving EA Sports Season Ticket as we listen to what consumers want most in their gaming experiences."

EA Sports SVP Andrew Wilson told NowGamer last month that the label's biggest franchises would be made available digitally when consumer demand called for it.

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