Tera Goes Free-To-Play & Introduces New Content

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Tera has followed the current MMO tend and gone free-to-play and introduced Tera: Rising along with new content.

Published on Jan 9, 2013

Tera, the award-winning MMO from Seattle-based En Masse Entertainment, has announced that it too is switching to a free-to-play model.

With so many large-scale MMOs offering some form of free-to-play option to its players it makes sense that En Masse would attempt to differentiate its game from the crowd. As it stands, En Masse has created Tera: Rising to help draw in new players.

It requires no upfront payment and gives players access to the in-game store with the option of upgrading to Elite status for anyone wanting to customise their experience.

According to the Tera: Rising blurb, any player can opt in to purchase Elite status and it offers ‘a wealth of benefits’ to them, all given in 30-day increments.

"With Tera: Rising, we created a fresh, action-oriented play style that is centered around allowing players to take control of their actions on the battlefield," explained Chris Lee, CEO of En Masse Entertainment. "We feel the time has come to offer the same level of control in how they invest in the world of Tera, so we are offering a tiered approach that includes a compelling free option, to accessing the game."

Tera: Rising also brings with it new in-game content, including:

  • Wave-based dungeon
  • PvP battleground map
  • Multi-stage Crucible Of Flame dungeon challenges
  • New boss fight, the ‘immense’ Cyclops
  • Champion’s Skyring, an all-new three Vs three PvP battleground

Players just wanting to jump and experience Tera’s free-to-play experience, they’ll have access to a wealth of in-game content and two free characters per server. These won’t be subject to level caps and there are no restrictions on content, time or level.

For those wanting the Elite experience and all the benefits that come with it, for every 30-days it’ll cost you $14.99.

These players will receive:

  • Extra dungeon rewards
  • 10 bonus quests per day
  • Daily deliver of items and boosts
  • An Elite mount
  • In-game store discounts
  • Waived brokerage registration taxes
  • And more

Though non-Elite players won’t benefit from the same perks as the Elite players, they will experience the same game content, character growth and everything else that makes Tera such a unique experience – holding political office, anyone?



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