Total Recall Movie Remake Will Be A Browser MMO

Tom Hopkins

Colin Farrell movie will double as a new online game.

Published on Oct 29, 2012

Total Recall, the recent movie reboot of the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic, is se to hit PCs as a browser-based 3D MMO.

"Prepare for the next generation of MMO browser gaming - Total Recall Online," reads the blurb.

"It is a time of social and political conflict. The world is rebuilding after a great war and a greater tragedy, but people are beginning to prosper once again. New innovations have brought up the quality of life, and changed the perception of recreation. Rekall technology has brought about Memory Vacations along with more questionable possibilities.

"Step into a world where your mundane life may be nothing but a fragile facade. Those who dare to step beyond the veil will discover the dark secrets and hidden conspiracies in Total Recall. Seek the truth in this 3-D browser-based MMORPG, where your past is a puzzle, and your identity is whatever you make it."

Check it out in action below:



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