MMOs Could Be Killed By Player's Hunger

Paul Walker

SOE's Clint Worley says that the likes of World of Warcraft are under threat from player's hunger for new content. more...

H1Z1: Gameplay Footage From Sony's DayZ Revealed

Paul Walker

Gameplay footage from Sony's take on DayZ's brand of zombie survival, H1Z1, has been posted online. more...

World Of Darkness MMO Cancelled Says CCP

Paul Walker

CCP has announced that MMO World of Darkness has been cancelled and that 56 employees will lose their jobs as a result. more...

Sony Announces H1Z1, Basically A DayZ MMO

Adam Barnes

H1Z1 is Sony Online Entertainment's next MMO, a persistent zombie survival sandbox. more...

SOE Teases New Sandbox MMORPG

Paul Walker

SOE has opened a teaser site for its upcoming MMORPG, a game which is rumoured to have a post-apocalyptic setting. more...

Everquest Landmark: SOE Player Studio Coming To US & Europe

Paul Walker

SOE's Player Studio, which allows players to edit and sell items in games like Planetside 2 and Everquest, will be coming to Everquest: Landmark and will support players... more...

Everquest Next Landmark: Marketplace & Other Feature Editions Detailed

Paul Walker

SOE has released details on what features have been added in the lasest Everquest Next Landmark update and commented on bug fixes for Landmark's new marketplace. more...

EverQuest Next: Landmark Adds Extra Claims, New Smoothing & Biomes

Adam Barnes

EQNL gets a bumper load of features in the latest patch that should make builders happy. more...

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Tera Goes Free-To-Play & Introduces New Content

David Lynch

Tera has followed the current MMO tend and gone free-to-play and introduced Tera: Rising along with new content. more...

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Parallel Kingdom Interview: When MMO Meets GPS

Dave Cook

Parallel Kingdom delivers a unique mix of MMO gameplay and GPS location features. We speak with developer PerBlue to learn more. more...

Top 10 Best MMOs On iPad, Android And iPhone

Adam Barnes

MMO - 10 Best We group test the very best online multiplayer games available on Android and iOS. more...

Guild Wars 2 Review

games™ Magazine

Guild Wars 2 is an MMO hoping it can stand up to World Of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic, but can it really compete? more...

Wakfu Review

Daniel Cairns

wakfu2.jpg NowGamer ascends to the clouds to review Wakfu.

City Of Steam Preview

David Lynch

City Of Steam delivers an action MMO all from the comfort of your browser in this impressive new free-to-play experience. more...

The Secret World: Combat, Quests & The Classless System Explained

Adam Barnes

TheSecretWorld-01.jpg NowGamer gets hands-on with The Secret World to get a closer look at how Funcom’s innovative MMO is turning out. more...

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