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Darran Jones

Chillingo brings interactive comedy to the iPad, but how well does it work? Find out in our review of The Act.


Published on Jul 19, 2012

If we rated games on charm alone then The Act would effortlessly walk away with a Five Star Award, no problem. React Entertainment's game is quite simply gorgeous, with the same sort of stunning animation and beautifully drawn visuals that you once found in classic Laserdisc games like Dragon's Lair and Space Ace (both of which are also available on iOS).

Full of character and blessed with an innovative control system; The Act tells the story of mild-mannered Edgar, a daydreaming window cleaner who longs to woo pretty nurse Sylvia.

It's a simple plot, befitting of The Act's simplistic and straightforward control system, but that doesn't mean it's not highly entertaining.

The Act is split into a number of different scenes, and each starts off with a truly delightful clip that sets up Edgar's story and slowly introduces players to the clever control system found at The Act's heart.

You control Edgar's moves and actions by simply swiping your finger forwards and backwards across the screen. The speed and timing over your swipes (in relation to other onscreen characters) determines Edgar's moves, and you must perform a number of tasks to progress the story forward.

Said tasks range from picking up Sylvia in a bar, to keeping your dozy brother from falling asleep, and all of them are done with a delightful element of farce that reminds us of classic Ealing movies.

You need to be a good judge of character, as watching reactions is the key to success.

Indeed, just watching the facial animations of Edgar as he attempts to fit in with a group of doctors, or desperately rushes by patients while pushing a hospital gurney are hilarious, with actions getting more accentuated based on how forcefully you swipe your finger.

It's something of a pity then that you'll see pretty much everything The Act has to offer in the space of 30 minutes. Much like Dragon's Lair, the trial and error nature of the gameplay means that The Act is more down to luck than actual skill, and while there's the option to play again in fewer takes, many won't bother.


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Final Verdict
The Act is certainly fun, and a very clever take on Dragon's Lair's ancient gameplay, but like Edgar's chase, it's over far too quickly.

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React Entertainment
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7.0 /10
Hilarious fun the first time you play it, but there's little reason to return.
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