Top 5 Biggest Console Fails of all Time

Dave Cook  15 July 2012

Red ring of death, vapourware and hacking scandals discussed and ridiculed in our rundown of the top five console fails of all time

Over the years gamers have bared witness to the launch and death of countless game consoles. Some survive a generation, while others fail hard due to a huge list of problems. There are even those who were dead before they hit stores.

Join us as we run down the five biggest console fails, and remember, we’re not saying these consoles are failures, we’re simply highlighting fails associated with them. There’s a difference.

PS3 Jailbreak: Modders Defend Hack

5. PS3 is hit by hackers and doesn't know what a leap year is

Dave Cook
The PS3 leap year bug left an estimated 33 million gamers locked outside the PlayStation network. FAIL more...

4. Virtual Boy pitches 3D years too early

Dave Cook
Nintendo shot its 3D bolt far too early back in 1995 with this ugly, eye-straining monstrosity more...

3. Apple Pippin arrives years too early, flops tremendously

Dave Cook
There was a time, not too long ago, when Apple was regarded as a joke by the games industry... more...
Red Ring of Death

2. Xbox 360’s red ring of death becomes a plague on gaming

Dave Cook
Between the years 2005 and 2009, a deadly blight cursed Xbox 360 owners across the land... more...
Phantom Console

1. Phantom becomes vapourware of the season - for two years

Dave Cook
They seek it here, they seek it there, but the elusive Phantom console was never to be found anywhere more...

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