Top 50 Halo Moments

David Lynch 31 October 2012

With Halo 4 343 Industries is showing exactly where it wants to take Bungie's series, but where exactly has it come from?

Halo has always been known for creating technically astounding games, strong narratives and industry leading gameplay. Over the years we've seen Bungie stretch its creative wings, stumble and then pick itself up to make some of the most interesting and engaging FPSs of the last ten years.

But, as 343 looks to the next ten years of Halo with Halo 4, we thought we should look back at the long list of truly excellent moments that it will have to compete with. Halo 4 has its work cut out for it.

With five games stretching across the last ten years, Halo has a rich history and an even bigger fan base. With that in mind (and in no particular order) we give you the best, the greatest and the top 50 moments in the Halo franchise...

50. Halo Wars - Taking On The Flood

David Lynch
The Flood are always on hand to make your life hell and in Halo Wars they do just that. Even your Spartans are easily overwhelmed. more...

49. Halo Wars - Spartans Highjacking Enemy Vehicles

David Lynch
Once again the Spartans prove themselves the badassiest warriors in all the universe. more...

48. Halo Wars - Commanding Scarabs

David Lynch
That's right, use the enemies awesome weapons. Take the biggest Scarabs and wade on through those UNSC scum! more...

47. Halo Wars - Spartans Vs Elites

David Lynch
There's nothing like a good fight and these three Spartans take on a whole squad of Elites in a very good fight indeed. more...

46. Halo Wars - Commanding Spartans In Battle

David Lynch
Halo Wars places you above the action, but the Spartans still prove themselves to be best of the best. more...

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