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We group test the best game show replicas on iPhone and iPad.

Published on Jul 27, 2011

Weakest Link: Royal Wedding Edition

iPhone+ | iOS 4.0 | £0.59/$0.99 | v1.0.1

Once more, the social aspect of its appeal is lost when transferred to the (very) small screen, causing much of its lustre to wear away. Multiplayer options would have alleviated such a concern, however budget concerns likely put any such ideas to rest, leaving mobile gamers with a handful of embarrassing character profiles and an interface confusing enough to disbar players from making any judgement as to who had an impressive round. Voted out in the third round, and currently doing a passive aggressive piece to the camera.

Deal Or No Deal

iPhone+ | iOS 2.2.1 | £0.59/$0.99 | v1.52

Deal Or No Deal makes about as much sense as a videogame  adaptation as it does in real life; that is to say, not much. Though  lacking in reality (or a Noel Edmonds avatar whose head possesses more than about four polygons), this digital adaptation does offer something to players the show doesn’t – a chance to become the banker.

Sadly, this proves to be just as mathematical a process as you might expect, rendering this a videogame about the schadenfreude of non-existent people. Now when you think about it, that’s just weird. If we were asked the question, our answer would be “no deal”. Simply  doesn’t work as a game.

The Crystal Maze

iPhone+ | iOS 3.0 | £0.59/$0.99 | v1.3

This early to mid Nineties game show, challenged a team of adventurers to pit their wits against a series of themed zones, each containing short challenges that would carry a crystal as their reward, exchanged for time in a showpiece final event. The procedure proves identical here – and were it not for a chronic lack of individual game rooms to prevent the experience becoming swiftly stale, this app would be a sure-fire hit.

Though updates are promised, this adaptation still falls just a little  short, though the sequence of spoken phrases ‘borrowed’ from host Richard O’Brien is a pleasant bonus. A few more challenges, and this app will start the fans (please...). As it currently stands, it’s okay.

Family Fortunes HD

iPad | iOS 3.2 | £1.79/$2.99 | v1.0

Replicating the clan versus clan gameplay of the show, Family Fortunes HD structures its quiz around the results of various surveys – apparently conducted at random – challenging players to pick out the most popular answers. Though an element of cultural difference will cause some to be disappointed, structurally this is as solid as you could expect.

Predictive text spell checking and multiplayer competition should ensure life beyond a few casual minutes of prodding, too. Our survey said, well, something that involved a noise that meant neither bad nor good, but ‘okay’.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? 2011 HD

iPad+ | iOS 3.2 | £1.79/$2.99 | v1.1 

This adaptation of the popular curse-at-the-TV-a-thon features a fresh  set of 500 questions, the opportunity to ditch one as part of a lifeline should it prove too tricky, and the chance to play Fastest Finger First competitively. No matter though, the nickel and diming of customers does for this adaptation already. With such a short library to draw from, teasers soon start to repeat. The result is an obvious degree of frustration. Sent home with a thousand pounds in its pocket, and jeering laughter. Another show that doesn’t work.

Bullseye - Official Gameshow

iPad+ | iOS 3.0 | £0.59/$0.99 | v1.0.4

Bullseye essentially was northern England – or at least how Southerners viewed it. Boasting a near endless stream of flat capped, middle aged former miners, it’s a wonder the show ever made it to air. Luckily, this app is in on the joke, featuring the same trademark procession of fondue sets and electric blankets as prizes that must have cost the show’s researchers almost nothing to source. Aside from a simplistic  aiming mechanic, this will provide players with a host of warm memories. Not exactly super, smashing, great – but not too far from that, acting as a decent homage to the show.

The Cube

iPad+ | iOS 3.0 | £0.59/$0.99 | v1.0.4

Like Deal Or No Deal, The Cube tends to lose much of its appeal without the possibility of cold, hard cash dropping into your bank account. Demanding the performance of trivial tasks within the titular six-sided Perspex shape, it in reality tests what on the surface look like simple physical skills in the face of crushing pressure.

On the iPad, it tests players’ patience with some ill-advised control mechanisms in the face of crushing boredom. After all, retrieving a set of rubber balls from the floor can be frustrating enough after an accident, but using a virtual D-pad, narrow field of view and disorienting design philosophy? We’d rather have no lives remaining. Even if the safe hands of Philip Schofield were present, this still couldn’t be saved.


Countdown HD - Official TV Show App

iPad | iOS 3.2 | £0.59/$0.99 | v1.01

Sadly, none of the more iconic Countdown presenters have been included here. Bluetooth support allows two players to play simultaneously, while pass and play mechanics are on offer for those with one item of hardware. Helpful potential solutions are offered to each numbers or letter game after the clock has chimed, though the extent to which the action is focused while items are selected could have been optimised for greater available screen space. Poorly optimised, yet nonetheless still wholly acceptable.



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