Suda51 Talks Shadows Of The Damned

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Our goal has always been to make a completely new game and we're always coming up with new ideas

Published on May 3, 2011

Working with Mikami
“We worked together before on Killer7 and we had always talked about doing another project, having Mikami-san as the producer and myself as the director. When I presented the idea to him, we both saw it as a perfect opportunity.”

Inspiration for crazy ideas in Shadows Of The Damned
“Our goal has always been to make a completely new game and we’re always coming up with new ideas. When we do so, we always go to Mikami-san and get his feedback to make sure it’s not too edgy but also that it will work for a mass audience. At the same time, we want to introduce these new ideas and make the game really unique and that’s how we work.”

Trying not to be too out there
“We question constantly whether it’s revolutionary or not and we always talk about new ideas when they come around with everyone, including EA. We don’t want to be too out there, but we have to strive to make it unique and that’s a good balance to aim for. EA has been really understanding of what we want to do as we’ve been working together.”

EA’s initial reaction
“They really welcomed the pitched as they were looking for a new type of game. It actually, at first, wasn’t as crazy as it was now. I don’t think they expected it to be this crazy!”

Similarities to Mikami’s and Suda51’s previous work

“I think first and foremost you have to make the combat feel good but at the same time we have all these ideas outside of this we want it to feel different. That’s the balance and how we combine those elements.”

The future for Suda51

“I want to create new IP, definitely, because I have so many ideas and this is my first priority. At the same time, I think Shadows Of The Damned and No More Heroes… if we have so many fans who want to see Travis or Garcia again then we will make another one.”

Possibility of reusing old characters

“It’s possible, but I really want to focus on someone different. I’m really keen on getting someone into a game that no one expects. I like wrestling so much, a character who was an ex-wrestler would be interesting to me.”

Likelihood of a Shadows Of The Damned sequel
"Well we’re finishing it off now so that’s the first end. I’d like a sequel there, but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen. It’s all about the people. If there’s enough who love the game, we will give it to them."

Being proud of the gaming industry

"There are so many things I’m proud of, but one thing in particular, although we create games, I love chatting to players around the world and that’s such a great thing. At the same time, after the earthquake, we actually have another mission to create games for these people who are affected by this tragedy. I want to make a game that makes everyone happy, especially for these people to give them courage."



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Suda51 Talks Shadows Of The Damned
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  • Suda51 Talks Shadows Of The Damned
  • Suda51 Talks Shadows Of The Damned

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