The 10 Most Hated Game Characters Ever

Dave Cook


Hope has clearly been reading Squall Leonhart's big book of emo.

A lesson in how to lose friends and alienate yourself. Introducing the most hated games characters of all time...

Published on Aug 26, 2010

10. Eddy Gordo

Annoying you in Tekken 3
This was a toss up between Street Fighter’s Ken and Tekken’s Eddy Gordo because let’s face it, both characters are the most hated in each franchise due to claims that they are horribly over-powered and cheap. While one NowGamer writer may disagree with Ken’s cheapness, Eddy is the true cheesemonger. Eddy shouldn't even have a command list, just pictures of both kick buttons, because if you hammer both endlessly, you will win every round. He’s a skill-less husk of a character.

9. Navi

Annoying you in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Teeth-gnashingly irritating, Navi is a mainstay of ‘most hated’ lists, and with good cause. Rather than help out Link with useful information, she goes absolutely mental whenever a point of interest or enemy appears onscreen. Yes, yes we see that enemy; in fact it’s attacking me right now, please shut up now! Thankfully Nintendo saw fit to bury her in future instalments, giving us the much more tolerable Midna in Twilight Princess instead.

8. The Arbiter

Annoying you in Halo 2
You know when the hype for a sequel to a massive game reaches breaking point? The same thing happened with Halo 2 in a colossal way. It seemed that players simply could wait to tear the Covenant apart as Master Chief, but instead they had a series of interlaced and generally unpopular Arbiter missions. It’s not that the Arbiter is a bad character, in fact he’s noble, fights by honour and packs a mean punch. We just wanted to play as Master Chief for the duration, was that so much to ask?

7. Zeke

Annoying you in inFamous
This weasely little rat claims to be Cole’s best friend, but when he sees Cole using his special powers, Zeke gets jealous and tries to get some skills of his own. Let’s put it this way Zeke; if Cole jumped off a cliff and died would you do it? How about if he swallowed a bottle of bleach? Let his hair grow out? In fact, forget that last one.

6. Lymle Lemuri Phi

Annoying you in Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Oh where to begin with this showcase of how not to design game characters? Well, we’re not exaggerating when we say that every one of The Last Hope’s characters fits snugly in the various JRPG stereotypes. Lymle is the freakish child, the one with the saccharine voice, bug eyes and short stature. She also says ‘kay’ at the end of every line and yes we mean EVERY. SINGLE. LINE. Absolutely insufferable and needless stuff.

5. Roman Bellic

Annoying you in Grand Theft Auto IV
An unsurprising choice, but our distaste for all things Roman Bellic goes way beyond his incessant phone calls and ‘tee-tee’ talk. He’s a chain gambling, sexist, cheater who seems to be more morally corrupt than Niko. He claims to love his squeeze Mallory, yet he talks endlessly about scoring with American girls. We assume his parents read him issues of Playboy as a child before tucking him in at night.

4. Shadow the Hedgehog

Annoying you in too many games to count
Sega seems hell-bent in shoe horning as many ‘noun’ the ‘verb’ sidekicks into the Sonic the Hedgehog ensemble cast as possible. Shadow the Hedgehog marks the worst of the bunch, a moody, emo flipside to Sonic’s irritating too cool for school attitude. But when Shadow got his own game that saw him wielding guns and tearing around on a motorcycle, our fond memories of the franchise were smashed apart by a toffee hammer made purely of poor character design.

3. Raiden

Annoying you in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
You remember it well don’t you? The years of waiting for Metal Gear Solid 2 and the chance to step back into Solid Snake’s skintight jump suit. Finally the game comes out, you rush to your nearest retailer, hurry home and start the game. The wait was worth it as you tussle with soldiers on an oil tanker and catch a glimpse of Revolver Ocelot. But then like a child having its candy snatched away, Snake takes a back seat and the game places you in control of floppy haired peon Raiden. Did we do something to upset you Kojima?

2. Hope Estheim

Annoying you in Final Fantasy XIII
Hope has clearly been reading Squall Leonhart’s big book of emo. ‘I want to be stronger, I want to help people, but I’m not good enough, I’m not strong enough, but I really, really want to help people’. Oh shut up, shut up, just shut up! So yes you just lost your mum, but that was over 40 campaign hours ago mate, get over it. Growing up is tough, but at least we went to a few pubs underage and hit a few after school parties to soften the blow, not whinge and moan about it every chance we got.

1. Shaun Hastings

Annoying you in Assassin’s Creed II
Voiced by Danny ‘I wrote some books’ Wallace, Shaun Hastings is easily the worst thing about Ubisoft’s otherwise glittering sequel. The guy is the definition of douchebag. Although Desmond is the only hope of rescuing the world from Templar oppression, Shaun takes an instant dislike to him, unleashing a barrage of pithy, snide remarks as soon as he appears on screen. Well Shaun, how about I don’t help you and your oddball Scooby Doo ensemble save the world and I leave you all to rot at the hands of the Templars? Not so funny and sarcastic now are you?



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The 10 Most Hated Game Characters Ever
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  • The 10 Most Hated Game Characters Ever
  • The 10 Most Hated Game Characters Ever
  • The 10 Most Hated Game Characters Ever
  • The 10 Most Hated Game Characters Ever
  • The 10 Most Hated Game Characters Ever
  • The 10 Most Hated Game Characters Ever
  • The 10 Most Hated Game Characters Ever
  • The 10 Most Hated Game Characters Ever
  • The 10 Most Hated Game Characters Ever
  • The 10 Most Hated Game Characters Ever
  • The 10 Most Hated Game Characters Ever

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