Street Fighter X Tekken Character Wishlist

Dave Cook


It's the ultimate battle of super cheapness

Published on Jul 27, 2010

10. Dhalsim Vs Zafina

This pairing makes us wish Voldo was a Tekken character. Zafina is the closest we get and she was easily the best new Tekken 6 character. She twists and contorts like some sort of kung-fu slug, so it would be great to have her squared up again Street Fighter’s equally bendy badass Dhalsim.

9. Juri Vs Hwoarang

Both are lightning fast Tae Kwon Do kickboxers and both have girly hair. The thing is, only one of them is female. As much as we question Hwoarang’s wardrobe and hairstyle, we’d love to see him literally go toe-to-toe with the cackling Juri.

8. Rufus Vs Bob

We’re still amazed at how fast and flexible both of these lard-lads are. Some of the moves they pull off just shouldn’t be possible for men with obvious eating disorders. Rufus is a total maniac though, so we’d like to see him beat Bob into the ground.

7. Dee Jay Vs Tiger

Both of these guys are unfortunate racial stereotypes, but they can also lay the smack down on anyone, any day of the week. We’d have to give this one to the afro-laden pimp Tiger, because he’s basically a cheap re-skin of Eddy Gordo. Cheese for the win!

6. Hugo Vs King

We really want Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike’s wrestler Hugo to return to a Capcom fighting game, and what better way to do it than a bout with Tekken’s feline-bonced grappler King? Both of these guys hit hard, but we feel King may be blinded by Hugo’s pink leotard.

5. Blanka Vs Panda

We chose this pairing simply because it would be hilarious. Think about it; a green feral man-beast versus a trained panda skilled in the martial arts. It just defies logic, which is why it’d be such a riot.

4. Vega Vs Yoshimitsu

Both of these lunatics love spinning around while wielding lethal blades, and in Yoshimitsu’s case, doing so until he falls over dizzy. Any bout between these two would be a mind-boggling display of fast attacks across the screen.

3. Sakura Vs Xiaoyu

Or should this be the battle of the panty shot? Say what you will about these giggling Asian schoolgirl stereotypes, they are both superb characters, but they both possess a penchant for impractical fighting outfits.

2. Gen Vs Heihachi

If Street Fighter and Tekken have taught us anything, it’s that they can still kick ass if they want to. We’d probably award the round to frail Gen for his multiple fighting styles, as Heihachi loses credibility for his hip-busting forward flip attack.

1. Ken Vs Eddy

It’s the ultimate battle of super cheapness. Can Ken’s screen-filling EX Shoryuken trounce Eddy’s breakdancing kick-button mash? Whoever wins, there is sure to be the stench of mature cheddar in the air when the dust settles.



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Street Fighter X Tekken Character Wishlist
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  • Street Fighter X Tekken Character Wishlist
  • Street Fighter X Tekken Character Wishlist
  • Street Fighter X Tekken Character Wishlist
  • Street Fighter X Tekken Character Wishlist

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