Dishonored 2: 7 Things We Want From Dishonored's Sequel

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Dishonored 2 looks set to be revealed at E3 2014. Here's what we'd like to see from a Dishonored sequel.

Published on Mar 5, 2014

Dishonored 2 has all but been confirmed after a 'leaked' image revealed that a Dishonored sequel is in development and is set to be unveiled at E3 2014.

News that Dishonored 2 is in the works has had us thinking about what we'd like to see in a Dishonored sequel, so, without further ado, here's what we want from Dishonored 2.

Dishonored 2 - Improve The Narrative


Dishonored was brilliant when it came to incidental storytelling. When it came to the game’s main narrative, though, not so much.

With a thoroughly uninteresting protagonist, a worn riff on the evil tyrant template, and a not unexpected, cliché double cross, Dishonored’s main story was far from its strongest facet.

We’d love to see Dishonored 2 step it up when it comes to the games’ storyline. Dishonored was mechanically brilliant and if Dishonored 2 can match that standard with its storytelling, then we could end up with something very special.

Dishonored 2 - Keep the Heart


Dishonored’s Heart – a talking human heart that you carried around – had a great deal to offer when it came to giving Dunwall a sense of place, as well being a great character in its own right. 

Aside from using the Heart to guide you to mystical items hidden in the game’s environment, the Heart could be used to reveal information about the people and places around you.

The little stories that the Heart would tell were a brilliant way of filling out Dishonored’s world, lending a real sense of tragedy to the place, and often did more to make you feel for the game’s characters than the main story ever did.

Dishonored 2 may put us in the role of a different character, be set in a different place, a different time, or even all three. That narrative context might mean that the return of the Heart itself in Dishonored 2 won’t make sense. 

Give us something equivalent that performs the same role, though, and we’ll be happy. 

Dishonored 2 - Leave Dunwall Behind


The leaked image that seemingly confirms the existence of Dishonored 2 contained the hashtag "DarknessofTyvia". 

Tyvia is one of the four islands mentioned in Dishonored, but it is only the city of Dunwall, located on the largest of those islands, Gristol, that we got to see in the first game. 

That hashtag implies that we will get to see Tyvia in Dishonored 2 and as far as we're concerned that’s a good thing. 

In fact, we’d like to see Dishonored 2 leave Dunwall behind entirely – not because we didn’t like the location, but because the opportunity is there to show off a whole new location with a whole new culture. 

The islands of Morley and Serkonos could also appear in Dishonored 2, opening up the potential for a freewheeling adventure across varied locations.

That might work, but we’d prefer to see Dishonored 2 focus on Tyvia and give us a proper sense of its people and society, rather than jumping around here, there and everywhere. 

Dishonored 2 - Give Us A New Masquerade Party Mission (& Don't Listen To Players)


Obviously, we don’t literally mean that we want Arkane to repeat the mission that was Lady Boyle’s Last Party. What we want is another level in the same spirit, one that’s about collecting information while hiding in plain sight. 

Mingling with party guests while eavesdropping for information and slipping off into forbidden areas in order to see what you could learn in regards to the identity of your assassination target was a brilliant change of approach.

However, developers Arkane admitted that they made the party mission a bit easier after playtesting showed some players found themselves lost. For Dishonored 2, ignore those players. 

The social stealth and puzzle aspects of the masquerade party mission should have been accentuated, the player trusted to work things out for themselves. 

There was unfulfilled potential in the concept of that level and we want to see if reached in Dishonored 2. 

Dishonored 2 – Give Us a New Protagonist 


Sorry, Corvo, you were alright and everything, but you were a little bit boring. In Dishonored 2, we want a new main character. 

In fairness, Corvo was deliberately intended to function as a blank slate, but, be that as it may, the fiction of Dishonored is ripe for telling new stories with new characters.

We know that The Outsider – the mysterious figure who imbued Corvo with his special abilities – likes to pick out individuals who interest him, give them a few magical abilities, and then sit back and watch the chaos unfold. 

That means that it make perfect sense for Dishonored 2 to tell the tale of another figure that The Outsider has taken an interest in. We hope that’s the approach that Arkane Studios decides to take with Dishonored 2.

Dishonored 2 - Be Wary Of Going Open-World


The temptation that many developers fall to when it comes to making a sequel is to just focus on making their games bigger. 

We’re not against the idea of Dishonored 2 upping the scale a little, but we’d be wary of Dishonored 2 taking place in a sprawling open-world. 

The great thing about Dishonored was the density of options available in a relatively confined space, the way that the mini-sandboxes in which the game took place felt packed with possibility, despite their small scale – it would be shame if Dishonored 2 were to lose that. 

If Dishonored is to grow in size, though, we’d be happy to see that growth happen vertically, more than horizontally.

Being able to blink up to the rooftops above your enemies, leap over to a balcony and then blink back down again was always cool. A bit more of that verticality could be a way of allowing Dishonored to grow without losing what made the game appealing in the first place.

Dishonored 2 - No More American Accents


American accents are always jarring in games set in olde worlde times and that was certainly the case in Dishonored, which so clearly took Victorian England as its inspiration.

We don’t yet know if Dishonored 2 will see the player return to Dunwall, but if Arkane decides to stick to other locations, as we’ve suggested, then there’s a narrative justification for the studio to switch out the American accents.

To be honest, even if part of the game takes place in Dunwall, we’d still be happy to see those accents disappear. Sorry, Americans.  



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