GTA Online's Best Player-Created Jobs

Chet Roivas


How has GTA 5's multiplayer component turned out, and are these creation tools all they set out to be?

Published on Jan 28, 2014

If the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 has been occupying your attention since the tail of last year, the following information might have passed you by: there is now an intuitive, functional (and free) map-building tool available in GTA 5.

Rockstar has already begun bringing some of the finest user creations into full rotation online (and if your job gets verified, it goes live on both of the current platforms) with more due to roll out over the next year on a month-by-month basis.

Needless to say the vast, vast majority of these things are either abandoned doodles or instances of flagrant piss-artistry, but you’ll also find creations of unequivocal brilliance if only you’re prepared to search for them.

Here are some of the best verified and un-verified GTA V user creations currently available on Xbox 360...

Bridge of Death by Junestar225 (Rockstar Verified)

Although it initially appears to be nothing more than a dumb, haphazard kill box, Bridge of Death starts making sense as soon as you begin using your radar.

Enemies appear all over the place, so repeatedly vaulting back-and-forth over cover at a moment’s notice is an essential practice. Tip: hole up in one of the buses. If you can get to it.

4 Way Madness by gangsterpdp (Rockstar Verified)

Unquestionably the best - certainly the funniest - of the latest assortment of verified jobs, this ludicrously simple romp is basically an airborne destruction derby.

It’s clearly benefitting from stellar word of mouth (there is a never any shortage of people keen to play it) and that rep is well-deserved. “Can you cross without collision?” poses the creator in the job’s description. Answer: probably not.

Which is why it’s brilliant.

NUKETOWN RELOADED! by Thizzelle Puma (Unverified)

Aside from the fact that the vehicles are accessible and the houses are not, this is a near-perfect recreation of one of Call of Duty: Black Ops’ most memorable multiplayer arenas.

Health and body armour are hidden behind the two opposing properties so things start slowly, but the well-placed cover options allow for devious surprise attacks; much as they did in CoD.

Best to sample this one asap, before copyright wrangles cause it to vanish.

Terminal Terror by ekimrenroc (Unverified)

Another perfectly executed laugh riot, this one takes place on a perilously thin structure that floats above Los Santos airport.

There’s barely any cover available - aside from the snide barrels which give way as soon as you touch them - and you’re under fire the second that you spawn.

But seeing an opponent spot you, turn suddenly to shoot you in a panic, before unintentionally plummeting to their death, is an affair that never gets old.

Bar Fight!!!!!! by Newbie Lazer (Unverified)

Perhaps inspired by the way the Hunger Games always kick off, this frantic gem involves a mad dash to get inside Trevor’s favourite boozer, which sits bang in the middle of the Senora Desert.

A few melee weapons are scattered across the floor beside the bar, and once they’ve been grabbed, it’s every man for himself.

Be ready for the random appearance of hand grenades though. Nothing clears the joint faster.

Crastenburg Drifting Race by WoriedNiko (Rockstar Verified)

A straightforward but well-designed drifting race that takes place near Los Santos airport. There are no lengthy straight lines and plenty of craftily positioned scenery, and the creator’s advice - to switch on the rain for better drifting - should definitely be heeded.

Be warned that it’s possible to clear a lap in considerably less than 50 seconds, so if you’re hosting a full room it’s worth bumping the default lap count up by more than a couple.

Going Ballistic by KILLSHOT707 (Unverified)

Another simple but effective winner. You’re all in souped-up sports cars, and the long stretch of desert road in front of you is punctuated by innumerable large ramps.

The trick is to use the jumps at the same time as avoiding the freeway’s central crash barrier; which you’ll slam into repeatedly if you’re careless, or not mindful enough of any snide competitors trying to nudge you sideways off each ramp.

Motocross Deathmatch by Sargent mittens (Unverified)

Ramps, motorcycles and sticky bombs: the perfect recipe for both cooperative and competitive chuckles. Do you stick explosives to your bike before leaping off it, Battlefield style? Or rig one of the ramps up on the sly?

Are you going to brave the terrible odds and take your chances on foot? Or partake in some fiery mid-air jousting? The possibilities are numerous, and the laughs copious.

Bridge of Terror! by Dox Bolt (Unverified)

A lightning-fast thriller that always gets replayed at least once. A moderately twisty mountainside path gives way to a bridge packed with buses: fluff the jump and it’s all over.

It’s finished so quickly - with vendettas developing instantly because of how easy it is to get stitched up - that you may have to switch lobbies if you want to play something else.

It’s described by its creator as, “short, challenging and fun.” Precisely.


The aMAZEing Cage Fight!! by GuErRIILAsHoT (Unverified)

If this doesn’t get verified soon, Rockstar is clearly doing something wrong.

Both teams start on the catwalk underneath the roof of the soaring Maze Bank building; all without a weapon. After the introductory mass brawl is over, one team is free to ascend to the roof (which is littered with cars) while the other ascends from ground level in helicopters.

Choppers nosedive at anyone not in a car while cars constantly shoot off the building in pursuit of choppers. It’s absolutely nothing more than a parade of opportunities to recreate the chopper/automobile collision from Die Hard 4. A classic.



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