Pokemon X & Y: 22 Bizarre Secrets You Didn't Know

Ryan King


From Pokemon X & Y glitches to how to fix them to Tay Zonday cover songs to hidden references, we've caught 'em all! Or most of them. Or some of them. Ahem.

Published on Oct 16, 2013


1. The Pokemon X & Y Name Censorship Is Harsh

If your name is Humphrey or Connor, bad luck - Pokemon X & Y won't allow them. Go through the comments on this Reddit thread to see what other words have been banned.



2. Pokemon X & Y Can Corrupt Saves

Word of this is spreading fast - it appears that saving your game in Lumiose City is causing some Pokemon X & Y saves to corrupt and your game to freeze. Not all players have been hit by this and some players have suggested the issue is just that it takes longer for saves to register. Either way, proceed with caution.


3. You Can Fix The Lumiose City Glitch

Reddit to the rescue. While the method doesn't sound particularly scientific - load game, wait for music, mash home button for around five minutes - the comments suggest it does seem to be a legit way to get Pokemon X & Y working again. So now you know.


4. There's A Reference To Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire (Gen 3)

And if you don't understand the reference, here you go.


5. 'Chocolate Rain' Singer Celebrated The Release By Tackling The Pokemon Theme Tune

It's dramatic, it's passionate, it's mildly arousing. It's everything we wanted from Tay Zonday singing the Pokemon theme and more.


6. There's A Freaky Lift Lady In Pokemon X & Y

Who is this lady? What does she mean? No-one has figured it out yet. To find her, enter the unlabelled grey building in the North side of Lumiose City and head up to the second floor.


7. Pokemon X & Y Has A Dragon Ball Meme

And here's the original 'IT'S OVER 9000!' Dragon Ball scene.


8. You Can Speed Up Pokemon X & Y Animations

A small tip - you can speed up Mega Evolution animations by pressing B after you select Mega Evolve and your move, which will take you straight to the transformation itself. And if you really want to speed things up, you can turn animations off altogether in the game options.


9. Game Freak Wishes You A Happy Birthday!

No prizes for guessing what the requirements are to get this to happen.


10. This Pokemon Shirt Exists

Would you wear it? It's available for pre-order if you're braver than we are.


11. You Can Use The Circle Pad To Walk And Run (NOT Rollerskate)

The D-pad walks while the circle pad rollerskates. So how do you use the circle pad to walk and run? Easy, just use the dowsing machine. Ta-da!


12. You Can Rub Your Pokemon's Head

After you knock out an opposing Pokemon in battle, move the stylus in a circle on the fight button to rub your Pokemon's head. Dawwww.


13. Pokemon X & Y Has The Famous My Body Is Ready Meme

And if you ever wondered where the long-running Nintendo meme came from, you need to go back to E3 2007 for the answer.


14. You Can Change The Background In Options

Check out some other examples of this.


15. Blackouts Apply To You But Not To NPCs

Courtesy of Reddit, that one.


16. You Can Learn Rollerskating Tricks

To be fair, you probably do know this already. You can learn tricks from talking to skaters around Lumiose City. Here's the full list, courtesy of Serebii:

  • Backflip - North Boulevard. Skate over a ledge at high speed.
  • Running Start - Vert Plaza. Grants you a faster start as you begin skating.
  • Parallel Swizzle - South Boulevard. Push the D-pad in the opposite direction while skating.
  • The 360 - Estivel Avenue. Rotate the Circle-pad as fast as you can.
  • Cosmic Flip - The Lost Hotel. You need the previous four tricks to unlock this one.


17. You Can Surf On Lapras

When you enter Route 12, talk to a NPC near the gate. He'll tell you Lapras saved his life but can't look after it anymore, and he asks you to take it. What's cool is Lapras is unique in that it appears on the overworld when you're surfing.


18. Pikachu Shocks You, Pawniard Cuts You, Other Pokemon Just Hate You

There are some extra interactions in Pokemon Amie, depending on what Pokemon you have at the time. Touch Pikachu's cheeks and you'll get an electric shock. Touch Pawniard's blades and you'll get cut. Experiment with different Pokemon - Bisharp's blades, Charmander's tail, Litleo's forehead and so on.

19. Pumpkaboo Has Four Different Sizes

Pumpkaboo is the only Pokemon that can be found in four different sizes - Small, Average, Large and Super. This changes its stats when it evolves to Gourghiest. Small has more speed, Large has more HP and Super has significantly more HP, ATK and DEF.


20. Snorlax Is Finally Standing Up!

Granted, he does stand in the 3D games like Pokemon Stadium and in the anime. But this is the first time in a mainline Pokemon game that Snorlax has finally stood up.


21. There's A Reference To Pokemon Yellow

"Hi! I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!" Most Pokemon players will immediately get the reference but if you don't, skip to 4:06.


22. This Is The Greatest Thing We've Ever Seen In Pokemon

Simply perfect.



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