GTA Online Fastest Way To Make Money After Patch 1.03

Ryan King


Selling LCC Hexer bikes, Sandy Shores and car values - just some of the ways you can make money fast in GTA Online after patch 1.03.

Published on Oct 11, 2013

With patch 1.03 for GTA Online, Rockstar didn't just want to improve the online stability for those who hadn't managed to make it into the multiplayer section but also to stamp out any methods of farming money.

However, it is still possible to farm money. It just involves being a little more creative than before.

GTA Online Motorbike Selling Glitch

This is the most common farming technique and there are lots of different methods. The fastest and most detailed is by m1ik- on the GTAForums and this is how it works:

  • In GTA Online, buy the LCC Hexor for 15,000. It has to be this bike, otherwise the glitch won't work.
  • Upgrade the bike at Los Santos Customs, so its value passes 40,000 - engine upgrades, vehicle upgrades, wheels, bulletproof tires and tire smoke counts towards the overall value
  • Switch to Single player mode, so the bike is in your garage
  • Switch to Invite Only Session
  • Take the LCC Hextor to Lost Santos Customs
  • Do not repair, buy or sell anything before doing this next step - follow these instructions to the letter. On PS3, you want to press Start, then press L1, then press A twice. On 360, you want to press Start, then press LB, then press X twice.
  • When the store loads, press Circle (or B on Xbox 360) and you'll be taken back to the garage.
  • Leave the garage, re-enter
  • Sell the bike and quickly press Start, L1 once, X twice and Circle once after you have sold the bike. On 360, you want to quickly press Start, LB once, A twice and B once.
  • Repeat these steps after you have sold the bike and you can make 300,000 in roughly 10 minutes.


GTA Online LCC Hexer Glitch - Video Walkthrough

This video outlines another way of selling the LCC Hexer to make money:

GTA Online Bike Selling Glitch - Yet Another Method

Again, same idea, here's another method of getting the glitch to work:

GTA Online Money Farming - Sandy Shores Survival

It's not a glitch but a legit method that GTA Online players are still using.

Climb over the Chinese restaurant fence and you'll see a blue dumpster. Jump on it and take cover on the fence. This is a very safe spot that allows you to pick off enemies without putting yourself in much danger, at least until the helicopter arrives.

GTA Online Making Money Fast - Selling Cars

You can only drop cars off once every 48 hours, which works out to one every 48 minutes in real-time. GTAForums has a list of the value of each car in GTA Online. Although this method isn't going to net you a huge amount of cash, it's worth bearing in mind if you want to play the game normally and not exploit any particular 'glitch'.

Do you have any methods or tricks to making money fast on GTA Online? Let us know below and we'll update this list!



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