Blood Dragon Interview: Cheesy One-Liners And Cyber-Love

Ryan King


Production Manager Phil Fournier tells us about VHS flicks, quad-barrel shotguns and bromance.

Published on Apr 24, 2013

Most obvious question first – why?

After wrapping up Far Cry 3, Ubisoft gave us the great opportunity to blow off some steam and have fun. We're all kids from the 80s or 90s and we wanted to write a love letter to our childhood selves and remember those great moments spent watching cartoons like He-Man or awesome action movies like Terminator.

When we got the green light for the project, we couldn't believe it. Honestly, we felt like kids that got all the keys to a toy factory and the fun we had making Blood Dragon really translates into the game. It's filled with lasers, cheesy-one liners, cyber-love and a lot of explosions.

At what point did the team start work on Blood Dragon?

In some ways the conception of Blood Dragon started in the late 80s where most of our inspiration comes from. It's an era where over-the-top action movies were at their pinnacle, and lots of time was spent watching the best and worst straight to VHS flicks. This allowed us to stay true to that moment in time. Production actually started a couple of months before Far Cry 3 got on store shelves.

Is the team who made Blood Dragon the same team that made Far Cry 3? If so, how challenging was it to make a fun 80s-themed shooter complete with visuals and music to fit that aesthetic after making what was a serious-in-tone jungle shooter?

A portion of the original Far Cry 3 team jumped on Blood Dragon and everybody was really hyped about it. It's not every day that a big publisher like Ubisoft gives you the opportunity to be creative and roll with a crazy idea like this one.

Since Blood Dragon is based on the same award-winning technology from Far Cry 3, the team was used to the tools and knew exactly how we could take this concept to the retro-future of 2007. Far Cry 3 players will definitely feel familiar with the gameplay since it's still an open world game.

It was not very hard on that side really, we've added a couple of tools that the player will be able to use such as the dragon which you can actually lure to help you take out hordes of cyborgs. We've also got a minigun, a laser rifle, a quad-barrel shotgun and explosive rounds for our sniper rifle which we did not have in Far Cry 3. Those are some real badass weapons, my favourite being the dragon, obviously.

As for the music, this was an easy one, the band Power Glove jumped on it and these guys out did themselves, they did a great job doing what they do best and enjoyed working on the project. As for our key art, the marketing team worked with an artist called James White, this guy nailed the tone right away.

How has developing Blood Dragon compared to developing Far Cry 3?

Developing Blood Dragon was like going to your childhood friend’s 12th birthday party. There were Terminator posters everywhere, we played with He-Man action figures, watched the worst action movies from the 80s on VHS and had the best 80s themed Halloween day ever.

Does Blood Dragon fit in with the Far Cry 3 storyline at all?

In terms of narrative, Blood Dragon is completely independent from Far Cry 3. You get the chance to play as Rex Power Colt, a Mark IV cyber-commando sent to a remote island to save the world, get the girl and go on a cyborg killing mayhem. Michal Biehn, the iconic actor from the 80s that played Kyle Reese in Terminator, is the voice of our main character and it was awesome to work with one of our childhood heroes. For Michael Biehn, in some way, Blood Dragon is like a sweet vengeance from his role in Terminator.

Why make this a standalone shooter rather than DLC for Far Cry 3?

The idea was to make Blood Dragon have its own universe, one in which we had the freedom to tell a ridiculous story and use neon pink and lasers a lot. Also, making it a standalone means that more people will be able to enjoy the cyber-action and the best terrible script that we put together. Who doesn’t like some bromance, cyber-love and laser shooting dragons that eat cyborgs?

Far Cry 3 reviewed as one of 2012's highest scoring games. Did you expect it to do as well as it did?

During Far Cry 3’s development, we knew we had something special that tied strong narrative and open world gameplay together. We're all very happy with the end result and how it was received by the gamers. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a smaller scale brainchild of a more robust offering like Far Cry 3. However, it packs a punch and hopefully the community shares our love with the 80s and 90s, mindless fun and will enjoy Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon as much as we enjoyed developing it.



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