Gran Turismo 6 On PS4: What Fans Want To See

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Gran Turismo 6 is coming. NowGamer has put together a list of the new features most requested by fans, and what it could mean for the series if implemented.

Published on Mar 20, 2013

Gran Turismo 6 is coming. From Michael Denny’s ‘GT on PS3’ slip to photo evidence of Polyphony Digital scanning cars for ‘Gran Turismo PS4’, it’s clear the next GT is well underway.

NowGamer has put together a list of the new features most requested by fans, and what it could mean for the series if implemented.

Taken from discussions on leading GT fansite GT Planet’s forums, we’ve dug through hundreds of discussions to bring you the go-to guide for what fans want Gran Turismo 6 to be.

GT6 To Have Free Roaming

Series creator and general GT head honcho Kazunori Yamauchi has gone on record in the past to say he’d love a free-roaming Gran Turismo game which allows players to jump in their car and drive between events and races.

It’s certainly an intriguing idea, and potentially a huge change to a series usually locked underneath a thousand menu screens.

Part of GT’s appeal is seeing your car collection, tuning each motor to perfection and then hitting the track. If the series went free-roaming, it would need to ensure these options remain easily accessible – if you have to drive 10 miles to swap your car, it would be more irritating than slow-loading menus. If done right, it could revolutionise a series often criticised for failing to modernise.

GT6 To Have More realistic damage and car wear:

Fans have compiled an all-encompassing list of new damage and vehicle wear features they’d like to see in GT6, including:

  • Dirt and sand clogging the engine or filters
  • Engine failures
  • Gearbox failures
  • Shattered windscreens/windows
  • Instant retirements after high-speed crashes
  • Alloys/hubcaps fall off
  • Fires after crashes
  • Oil leaks
  • Random failures, e.g. from poor maintenance
  • Rust
  • Realistic damage can be switched on and off
  • Time-scaled damage – i.e. damage that slowly breaks parts of the car if not fixed, e.g. chassis/suspension damage wrecking tyres or brakes in a long event.

More Realistic Gameplay

  • The ability to run out of petrol completely and require rescue by tow truck
  • The ability to stall
  • The ability to turn the engine on and off
  • Damage engine through over-revving
  • Tyre blowouts
  • Tyre blistering caused by overheating
  • Visible suspension
  • Water temperature & working fuel gauge
  • Better low-speed physics e.g. the ability to pull donuts, burnouts and wheelies
  • Better engine & exhaust sounds, ability to hear gear changes, turbo etc
  • Ability to use indicators, turn on the rear windscreen wiper and control windows & sunroofs
  • More aftermarket tuning and modding options
  • Safety cars in certain races

These lists are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what fans want to see from a gameplay perspective, but represent some of the slightly obsessive details GT fans have come to demand from the series.

We might prefer more of the developers’ time was put into making an intuitive UI, less loading and better AI than the ability to indicate, but it would be nice to see the game upgraded to another, higher level of realism with the inclusion of engine failures, shattered windscreens and tyre blowouts.

GT5’s damage was a start, but like everyone, we’d love to see it go further – and fans clearly want this, too.

GT6 To Have Better AI

The AI has been a point of criticism for many GT fans since the series’ inception, and GT5 did little to change some people’s perception of the in-game drivers as dunderheads following invisible lines.

As well as improvements to the general intelligence and aggression of AI racers – racers who brake late, block more often and try hard to pull away from you – fans want AI to have individual personalities.

This would mean each AI racer would be named – so if Michael Newmacher was on the grid, you’d be worried about whether you might win, but if David Newthard was there, you’d know you’d be able to pass him more easily.

Whatever their names, each AI would have a different driving style – some overly aggressive, some cautious and clean.

GT6 To Have Better B-Spec

B-Spec in Gran Turismo 5 is a pretty large time investment for a mode which sees an AI do the actual racing. 

Gran Turismo 4 allowed players to fast-forward B-Spec, but this was removed for some reason on PS3 – a return of this option is highly sought after by fans.

Some have asked that B-Spec mode be made optional or removed entirely.

We think there’s huge potential in the mode for B-Spec to utilise the social functions of PS4 and play on PS Vita or smartphones. 

What if you could create a team, name it, pick your colours and hire a team of  B-Spec racing drivers to it – then manage that team from anywhere in the world? You could log on with your Vita or phone and enter your racers into events with detailed instructions on how to race, then let them earn credits in the app before syncing with PS4 – Football Manager meets GRID, on the cloud. It could be brilliant.

GT6 To Get More Premiums, No Standard Models

A poll on GT Planet’s forums suggests 26% of those who voted want ‘up to 500 premiums and zero standard cars’ in GT6, with most votes going towards some number of HD models without the low-res cars.

While this might mean GT6 would actually have fewer cars than GT5’s 1000+, it might well make more sense for Gran Turismo PS4 to focus on a smaller list of incredibly detailed and high resolution models utilising the power of PS4.

All the premium cars in GT5 would transfer straight over, having been built in a higher resoltution than PS3 can handle and scaled down.

GT6 To Get Better Rallying

Rallying is one area of GT5 that seemed to be overlooked by Polyphony. Whereas GT4 packed in multiple rally events, GT6 included a few special events on a handful of tracks and left it at that, with no rallies at all making up the main career mode.

Fans have asked for:

  • No more invisible barriers on rally tracks
  • Point-to-point rallies with multiple stages like WRC
  • Cars spread across several ‘groups’ e.g Group A, B & C for split-class rallying
  • Better AI in rallying

Rallying is one of the most enjoyable aspects of GT, and we'd love to see it fully developed - even without a proper WRC license. More excuses to bust out the dirt and snow tyres can only be a good thing.

New Tracks & Returning Gran Turismo Favourites

Fans have made wishlists for the circuits they’d love to see in GT6, including a mix of real-world tracks and old favourites conspicuously absent from Gran Turismo 5.

New tracks requested include:

  • Silverstone
  • Brands Hatch
  • Yas Marina
  • Interlagos
  • Sebring
  • Spa Francorchamps
  • Melbourne
  • A licensed Monaco (not just Cote D’Azure)
And returning favourites not present in GT5 asked for by fans include:
  • El Capitan
  • Grand Canyon
  • Midfield Raceway
  • Apricot Hill
  • Seattle
  • Hong Kong
  • Test Course
So that's an insight into what fans are hoping for from GT6. What would you like to see? Let us know in the comments or tweet @NowGamer_Feed.

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