Sony's PS4 Announcement: The Gamers React

Adam Barnes


Sony's PS4 is now official, but what does the internet make of its next-gen PlayStation?

Published on Feb 21, 2013

The say the internet has too many opinions, but we love them! With the PS4 now official, we look into what NowGamer's community of readers made of Sony's next-gen announcement.

Ourselves? Well we're rather happy with it. Not only did it announce some of the specs for the PS4, but Sony also revealed a handful of games and technologies that would be powering the next-gen PlayStation.

Not everyone agrees, however, and while some gamers are quite taken with the PS4 and Sony's announcement, others wanted a little more.

And if you're not on the list, why not have your say in the comments below!

What The Gamers Think Of Sony's PS4

Mark Gibson
"Wouldn't mind seeing what it looks like."

"Impressed, everything looks fantastic and I love it's features. Playing games as they download sounds amazing."

"Was shit to be honest, it was Wii U controller with CoD's live streaming and Xbox's dashboard and no console reveal. LOL it was a let down."

"If it gets pulled off, it sounds so very brilliant. But need I mention THOSE graphics?"

Johnny Blanchard
"Interesting on the whole - but it came across as just an attempt to beat Microsoft to the announcement punch. Plus I really hate how these launch announcements have become Soundbite bingo, not just Sony - MS are as bad"

Carlos Sanchez
"We've one half of the story, now I'm waiting for Microsoft."

Neil Sweeney
"Tech-wise it's impressive; love they are using a more PC architecture and also all the social features they are including."

"Figures, stats and specs are all well and good. But with no actual console showcased and no price given, I've little interest."

Nathan Orme
"It was predictable. Everything they announced I pretty much called :/ oh and the controller is ugly! #NotThatAmazed #PS4"

Samuel Horti
"Disappointed we didn't see the actual console. Does that mean the design isn't ready?"

Steven Higgins
"I can't tell you my thoughts 'cause my mind got blown to smithereens!"

"I'm Xbox all the way but I still wanted to see what Sony had and to be honest I wasnt impressed gaming in the PAST with decent graphics."

"It doesn't really offer anything to me as a Wii U owner as opposed to better RAM and FPS's that don't interest me. The Social features i'm sure people will find nice but for me, I don't use that kind of stuff so it didn't interest me really."

Wasim Patelmama
"It looks decent. I just don't like the look of the analogs. Btw where is the Start and Select buttons?"

"First 30 mins - good. Rest - bad. No console shown, most 'games' were pre-rendered footage and above all.... no price!"

Robert Settle
"Well it's certainly not going to win any design awards lol. Can't wait to make use of the disco lights, sorry light bar."

Mark Adams
"Well, the controller is ugly as all hell. Give me a Start button, not a touchpad to mash at. But hey."

Ellis Covington
"I'm impressed so far. It's not only the graphical, gameplay or tech upgrades. For me one of the major announcements is that Bungie and Blizzard are back with the PS4."

Leigh Wynne
"Nothing too jaw dropping in my opinion."

Ronnie McCullagh
"Very impressed so far! I do agree the controller does look a tad odd BUT with that said I think it is something I will get used to come purchase! After seeing said console in action last night the graphical and power capabilities are just insane and the biggie for me at least is the social and online service aspect with PS4! I think Sony have finally hit the nail on the head with this one! Also looking forward to seeing what Microsoft have to offer us later in the year (basically E3) if this is anything to go by MS's Should be good too!"

Jamie Spring
"Bungie & Blizzard on board for me is the clincher, have loved my 360 but Blizzard siding with Sony is HUGE."

Matt Cox
"Why on earth announce something - but don't show it? Also not impressed in the sharing button - I don't want that on my controller. I play games with friends, but I don't share videos. I know some people like the feature, but for me it's just a bit sad..."

James Holden
"Very impressed and excited. Some of the highlights - graphics are fantastic, good line up of launch games (hoping that Uncharted 4 is being held back to be announced later), some cool new IP and a great tie-up with Bungie for Destiny which is looking very impressive and finally the interaction with the Vita. Also 8GB RAM is good to see given rumours of 4GB."

Richard Westmoreland
"Boring as hell and lacking in 'real' content. At least there were no charts and graphs this time."

Simon Cheng
"Same like Vita, lack of real games content library. Mostly all are game engine demo showcase. Currently PS3 still mostly under optimize by game developer."

Mark John Cobbold
"Underwhelming. Nothing bad as such, just nothing very interesting to me. The only positive was the controller redesign (apart from shit triggers still)."

Adrian Fisher
"Well, i'm excited for the new PC4 (sorry, the PS4! lol) and now it seems to be far easier to develop games for the system I hope to see more indie devs get onboard too. Plus, it will be interesting to see whether Kickstarter will start having an impact on future PS4 games? Also it will be interesting to see what the cross connectivity of the Vita and PS4 will be like."

Jan Olejník
"Surprised by the power of the console, nice graphics, but I'm missing some REALLY BIG titles from the past. Where's Syphon Filter, Wipeout, Medievil, Crash Bandicoot? Come on! It's PlayStation!"

Ian Parry
"It looks good from what I've seen so far, I'm more interested in Xbox 720 info."

Dylan Townsley
"I'll let ya know when I get some proper information about it. I'm more excited about the 720. The PS3 was a huge disappointment."



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