Review: Razer Sabertooth Xbox 360 Controller

Alex Evans


NowGamer puts the Razer Sabertooth pro Xbox 360/PC controller through its paces.

Published on Feb 18, 2013

Gaming is serious business. With split-second reaction button-pressing the difference between grisly death and superlative victory, pro gamers know the a decent controller is as vital as a car to a racing driver.

The Razer Sabertooth is the pro gaming kit company’s second attempt at serving this crowd’s needs on Xbox 360 and PC, coming up with a controller that’s extremely customisable with sterling build quality to boot.

The Sabertooth pad takes the standard Xbox 360 controller, swaps out the generic plastic for a high-quality rubberized coating and throws six extra buttons all over the thing.

These extra buttons, from a pair of detachable ‘rockers’ on the underside to extra shoulder triggers, are fully programmable, with two saveable profiles available on the pad itself.

Even the more traditional parts, like the analogue sticks, can be modified for sensitivity on both the x axis and y axis.

Customisation is done via a small OLED screen and two program buttons below the Xbox button.

Annoyingly, this placement does cause some problems – because of its proximity to the right stick, we often hit it by accident and ended up reprogramming the pad in the game.

Because we were still pushing the left stick, we’d still be running, so it was only when we tried to shoot we realised something was wrong and we ended up dying.

That gripe aside, reprogramming is simple and allows for a huge amount of customisation.

Rest assured, whatever your game and whatever gamer you are, the Sabertooth can be tweaked to your needs.

The entire controller has been designed with responsiveness in mind. From the super-clicky face buttons to the high quality triggers, every button is instant and offers little resistance, allowing for quick presses.

One downside of this need for responsiveness is the cable which tethers the pad to the console.

Unlike the standard 360 controller, the Sabertooth is not wireless, and you’ll need to plug it in via USB.

This is to improve the controller’s response times, allegedly, though we can’t really remember a time when input lag has ever been an issue on the 360’s wireless pad.

The upside of the cable is that it’s standard USB, so you can also handily plug the pad into a PC.

The Razer Sabertooth packs a lot to recommend: extreme customisabilty, excellent build quality and loads of extra triggers for the serious player looking for options.

At £70 RRP, it’s a tough sell, and we’re not sure the controller does enough to recommend at that price to anyone but the most serious pro gamers.

Find this at a knock-down price, though, and it’s a decent alternative to Microsoft’s own offering for the gamer who needs more buttons in their life.



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