20 February Sony PlayStation Conference: What We Can Expect

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All the facts and industry rumblings ahead of Sony’s big PS4 reveal on February 20.

Published on Feb 18, 2013

PS4 will be revealed on February 20 at Sony’s PlayStation conference. This has passed from rumour territory into almost cold, hard fact. 

But what can we expect from PlayStation 4’s grand unveiling? From the new controller to the games, we take a look at what Kaz Hirai and co will have hiding under the covers come Wednesday.


PS4 has a new DualShock. The controller is similar in shape to the current pad, but will tout a touchscreen on the front as well as a small speaker, a headphone jack and two lights on the top to enable it to perform motions like a Move controller.

This is all according to rumours and a leaked image of the controller – the image has been strongly hinted to be true by various sources, so we’d be highly surprised if this, or a controller very similar to this, turned out to be the real deal.

The controller is similar ergonomically to the current controller and still keeps twin sticks, the classic PlayStation face buttons and d-pad, but it should allow the PS4 to pack in great new features: having a touchpad allows games to use Vita-style control inputs, while the speaker could allow for a new level of immersion, similar to the Wii U’s gamepad.

Setting Up The Second Date

PS4’s reveal is going to be massive, and Sony will command the interest of the entire world’s media. Sony is going to need to show off plenty of content, not just a five-minute ‘here’s the console’.

However, it also needs to balance that. Reveal too much, too early and there’s nothing left to show at E3 or in the final months leading up to the console’s release.

While we’re sure there will be some game screens, logos and teasers shown off, it’s certain Sony is going to want to court publicity and throw fuel on the fire for the future, building hype.

As a result, we’re sure Sony will tell us when we can expect more information and start the whole damn dance again leading up to a new date – or possibly E3.

‘We’re excited to show you what Naughty Dog’s doing…it’s going to be brilliant. See you at E3!’. We wouldn’t be surprised.

Uncharted 4 & Other Next-Gen Series Revealed

Having said that, Sony is going to need to show off some titles in order to prove the system’s capabilities and outline why PS4 is going to be exciting, innovative and different.

When it comes to games, Sony has plenty of first-party studios due to unveil new installments, and we’d expect at least one of the  following formally announced.

Uncharted 4

Christmas 2013 will mark two years since Uncharted 3 released. Given that Drake’s third outing released two years after the second, the smart money says Naughty Dog is lining up Uncharted 4 for PlayStation 4.

Gran Turismo 6

PS3 had only one Gran Turismo, but Polyphony Digital made it future-proofed. Every car and track in the game was made using incredibly high-res models, then scaled down to fit PS3 without breaking it.

For that reason (and the fact Polyphony has been very quiet on any GT6 news), PS4 is likely to see a new GT relatively early on in its life cycle, with Gran Turismo 7 a few years after that.

Killzone 4

The other big Sony game we’d expect is Killzone 4. The FPS series has had trouble establishing itself as a truly big-name shooter. But the series has always been used to show off the bleeding edge tech of Sony consoles, from the PS2 original to the recently announced Killzone Mercenary.

What with the lack of Killzone 4 news, it’s almost certain Guerilla Games are lining up to break cover on the new iteration on February 20.

A new racing game from Evolution Studios has been strongly-rumoured, with ex-Criterion and ex-Blur staff allegedly working on making a Western-style racing sim for PS4’s launch. If true, it’s likely we’ll see more of this than GT6, which would probably release a year later.

While gameplay and screenshots might be a stretch, we’re expecting a few logos and maybe a teaser trailer or two for these titles. After all, without any games being shown off, it would be hard to gauge why the new console should get us excited.


Third-parties are less predictable, but there are several next-gen titles already floating around. Watch Dogs is likely to be present, as well as Star Wars: 1313.

If Sony wanted to pull out all the stops, it could also get some big-name studios to debut early footage of yearly iterations which are set to jump onto next-gen this Christmas including FIFA 14, Madden 25, Call Of Duty: Next and Battlefield 4.

Price, Power & Release Date

This is the segment of the presentation we expect to be the vaguest. Sony is only likely to spill the beans on the price if it’s set to be relatively cheap (rumours peg it at £270-330, very cheap for a next-gen machine). Either way, it’s very unlikely we’ll be told to get two jobs and pay FIVE HUNDRED NINETY NINE DOLLAR again like PS3’s E3 unveil.

Release date wise, Sony are unlikely to pin down any details, but it’s expected the company will announce a rough 2013 launch.

Non-PS4 Miscellanea

PS4 will be the focus, but Sony is certain to wax lyrical about PlayStation’s past and current machines, namely PS Vita and PS3. 

The company is likely to showcase some PS Vita titles, talk about streaming service Gaikai (likely to make PS3 games back-compatible on PS4) and give some limelight to big upcoming PS3 games like Beyond: Two Souls, The Last Of Us, God Of War: Ascension.

With just two days until Sony’s 20 February conference, all is sure to be revealed very soon.

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