Lego Turns 55: The Block-Based Games We Want Next

Alex Evans


To celebrate the blocks' 55th birthday, we list the franchises we want to see given the Lego treatment next - and pick our top five from what's out already.

Published on Jan 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Lego - the Danish blocks turn 55 today, and to celebrate, we've picked out the five franchises we want to see given the Lego treatment (and the five best games already fantastic in plastic).

Lego James Bond

From sharks and lasers to base jumping, plane crashing and hacking, there's so much in the Bond universe just begging to be turned into good gameplay.

Aside from the original Goldeneye, great Bond games have been sorely lacking - but how could Lego fail? We'd love to see minifigure versions of Craig, Moore, Connery and The Rest, and with 23 official canon flicks to choose from, there's no shortage of action-packed source material and iconic scenes waiting to be sent up.

Lego Pixar

From Toy Story to The Incredibles, Pixar has given the world some of the best children's characters around - so what better than to tie it into Lego? 'Flying' Buzz Lightyear into fights against Emperor Zurg or jumping through doors with Monster's Inc's Mike & Sully is just the tip of the iceberg for potential gameplay experiences.

Lego Dr Who

The timeless Time Lord is as iconic as any character, and with multiple series, doctors and daleks, there's plenty for Travellers Tales to get stuck into. Keeping it loosely based on the world, but introducing a new, Lego-exclusive storyline would keep it from becoming dated when BBC shows new eps, too.

Lego The Matrix

Okay, so The Matrix has had its day. But it's still one of the most memorable series, with its bullet-dodging, gunplay and consciousness-flitting narrative the perfect ingredients for a Lego send-up. Neo, you are the one...we want to see in plastic. Or at least one of them. Probably.

Lego Walking Dead

Why stop at movie and TV franchises? The Walking Dead episodic series has garnered high praise for its combination of strong narrative and creepy zombies. 

Naturally, it'd have to tone things down a bit, but a Lego send-up would be a brilliant, innocent take on a modern gaming classic.

But please, no Twilight. Ever.

That's our wishlist, but what about what's already out? There's a lot of quality Lego game out there, and sifting it all can be daunting.

Here's our pick of the top five Lego titles out thus far:

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

The plastic Dark Knight's second outing improved on the slightly duff original and was the first title to introduce voice acting, instead of mutes nods and winks. It was a blast to play and remains highly recommended.

Lego Star Wars

The surprise hit that kicked it all off back on the PS2. A small-budget game from a little-known team, not even Travellers Tales could have imagined how the Lego take on Annakin and Co. would capture the hearts (and cash) of so many gamers and spawn almost an entire Lego-ifying franchise overnight.

Lego Harry Potter Years 1-5

Crafted with an obvious love for its source material, Lego Potter packed in plentiful amounts of magic, collectibles and a sprawling Hogwarts hub world. 

Not only that, the title proved Travellers Tales could turn their hands to almost anything and pull it off with ambition and aplomb.

Lego Rock Band

A bit of a curveball, Lego Rock Band may not have been a huge commercial success but its block-rocking was a joy, especially for younger Rock Band fans, back when the genre was still relevant (remember that?).

The best feature, though, was the ability to import its songs (Ghostbusters theme? Yes please) straight into Rock Band 'proper'.

Lego Marvel Superheroes

Yes, technically it's not actually out yet. But it's Lego, and it's Marvel. It's got Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man and Hulk. How can it possibly fail? This is sure to be one of the best Lego titles yet. Fact.

Disagree? Got some better suggestions? We'd love to hear them...



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