Mario Cart 2, Supper Mario And Other Rip-Off Games

Ryan King

Recognise what these games are an homage to? Of course you do, because you have eyes and well. Just LOOK at them.

Published on Jan 8, 2013


Mario Cart 2

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The name doesn't make sense but not in the way you think. Mario is in a trolley because they're called shopping carts in America. Mario Cart 2. You see? But then the '2' implies that there's an original and from what we can tell… nope. No Mario Cart exists. So erm. What?



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It has online multiplayer! It has an actual online community! It's actually pretty good fun! We're living in a Bizarro World where finding an online match of Bomberman XBLA is difficult yet finding an online match of the game that shamelessly copies it is easy.


Supper Mario

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There are no words. Except those four. And some more to explain that at least four people who played this in our office got stuck at the first pipe (and two somehow died by running into the pipe).


Huje Tower

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This acknowledges its debt to World Of Goo and if you haven't played that or just fancy a fun way to pass a few minutes, this is surprisingly well put together.



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Doctris because it's a combination of doctor and Tetris. Nothing to do with Dr. Mario though. Nope. Who is that guy anyway.



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