Injustice: Gods Among Us Interview - Batman, Superman & The Importance Of Netcode

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Injustice: Gods Among Us wants to make those super hero fantasies a reality. We chat Superman, netcode and Mortal Kombat with Adam Urbano, Senior Producer.

Published on Jan 7, 2013

NetherRealm previously stated that you wanted to try something drastically different with the fighting game genre, how are you achieving that with Injustice?
Adam Urbano
: The key area where we’re looking to introduce an entirely new level of play to the fighting genre is with our background interactions. Having the background be part of the fight has been on the wish list of fighting game features for a long time, and we think we’ve introduced this change with great success.
We often say ”we want the background you choose to be as important in your strategy as the character you select.” Throughout each background, there are integrated objects that each character can interact with differently. 

A big character like Solomon Grundy, for instance, might jump up and slam down a hanging generator, while a character like Batman might use his Baterangs to drop it on his opponent. Once this happens, it leaves live wires that become a danger zone for anyone that gets knocked into them.
This introduces a simple, new, and fun mechanic for people new to fighting games, and a whole level of depth and balance for the hardcore players.
What lessons have you learned from Mortal Kombat 9?
On one end of the spectrum, we learned what works, and on the other, what not to mess with. We’re retaining a lot of the key features like the amazing 3D graphics set on a 2D fighting plane, the need for tournament-level depth, and the success of having a ton of content available for players of all experience levels. We’re planning to have more content in Injustice than we had in MK9.

We also paid a lot of attention to the things we know we need to improve. We weren’t happy with how we handled ”compatibility packs” for DLC play, so we have a whole new system that ensures all players get the content they need. We also spent two years focused on netplay, realizing that nothing matters more for network play than launching with solid, great fundamental netcode.
Did the work NetherRealm did on Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe helped shape this title? If so, how?
MK vs. DC taught us one key lesson, and that is to focus on what makes sense to make the best possible game. We obviously love MK vs. DC, but we recognized that putting DC Comics characters in an T-Rated MK game really did limit our ability to fully design things the way we would have liked.
For Injustice, we are focused on creating NetherRealm’s interpretation of the DC Comics characters, and I think it is paying off in terms of delivering the experience we truly want to share and a game that is going to get people excited.
What was behind the decision to present Injustice’s art style as semi-realistic and grounded in a visual reality instead of a more comic book style?
From day one, we wanted to present Injustice as a summer blockbuster, with the best visuals possible in a 60fps game, rather than going with a more simplistic comic style. We have huge events throughout the game, including entire levels that get destroyed as the fights progress, and we feel that the pay off will be huge with the more realistic way in which we’re presenting it.

Mortal Kombat featured at Evo and was well received. What do you think Injustice has to do to feature at Evo as well?
For the hardcore fighting game community to embrace Injustice, we need to focus on the basics that we excelled at with Mortal Kombat, a deep fighting system and good balance.
What differences will there be with the Wii U version of Injustice?
We’re a team that loves new hardware platforms, so we’ve certainly got some fun surprises planned for the Wii U version of Injustice. What are they?  You’ll have to wait to see.



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