GTA 5: The Backlash Has Begun

Ryan King


Some fans are clearly not happy with the changes for GTA5…

Published on Nov 9, 2012

Following Game Informer's big GTA 5 reveal with the first details on GTA 5 characters, locations, gameplay and more, it seemed to go over well with most fans.

Most fans.

In a thread titled 'This doesn't feel like GTA at all' over at, the opening post is: "What the hell they have done to this game. Switchable characters? LOL."

What follows is then a back and forth between those who don't like what's been revealed on GTA 5 and those defending it. Here are some selected comments from that thread:

"That's what I think too. Well even big games die. RIP Rockstar games."

"Totally ruined the game for me. f*ck you Rockstar."

"I have to agree with the OP. A soundtrack during gameplay. Rapelling down the side of a building. Stopping an interrogation. Sniping from a helicopter. All sounds cool and will be fun, but not GTA."

"this is more like sims where they are just your puppets and your the master (IV was hard enough with one character now you have to control 3 in every mission?). It dosent have the same connection to the charachter. Man they really f*cked it up."

"So if I press on button I be another character. GTA isn't GTA anymore."

"to me, this bold new direction SUCKS. i wish i liked as you did...i'll buy the game of course, but my main expectations are destroyed."

"This very well may be R*'s first major flop. They know EVERYTHING that fans are expecting, returning to San An, but they leave all that sh^t out and give us fuc*ing yoga? LOL These people have lost it. R.I.P. GTA."

"I do not like the sound of this, switching protagionts, What the f*ck. Rockstar have destroyed GTA."

"Rockstar is one of the laziest developers I've ever seen. They give us Yoga instead of buying property."

What do you think of GTA 5 so far? Disappointed? Excited? Not fussed either way until more is shown off?



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