GTA 5: The Rumours That Didn't Come True

Adam Barnes


Now the dust has settled on the GTA 5 details, let's have a look at the rumours that absolutely weren't true.

Published on Nov 9, 2012

GTA 5 has finally had details confirmed, but what about all those early rumours that weren't true?

We look back at a year's worth of GTA 5 speculation to pick out the points that absolutely aren't true, as well as look at the ones that could still be confirmed.

GTA 5 Rumours That Didn't Come True

  • CJ, Tommy Vercetti and Claude won't be making an appearance in GTA 5. Dan Houser confirmed it himself.
  • GTA 5 won't be set across three cities, instead focusing on Los Santos only and a few outlying towns.
  • One of the playable characters is not called Albert, casting doubt on the suggestion that Albert de Silva from the leaked casting call was one of the charcters.
  • RPG-style character customisation won't be in the game.
  • If 'Albert' is assumed to be Michael, the older protagonist, then his reason for turning to crime is not a 'ponzi scheme', and is in fact thanks to his wife spending all his money.

GTA 5 Rumours That Could Still Be True

  • Car and weapon customisation.
  • Multiplayer will feature 32 players and focus on gang territory.
  • Torrential rain and tremors have not yet been discussed.
  • How the police force will react has not yet been mentioned. Whether they will act realistic is yet to be seen.
  • It is not known whether animals will be in the game.
  • It may be possible to enter buildings and set up barricades.
  • You may need to fill your car up with petrol at gas stations.
  • In-game television programmes may have more channels.
  • Rhinos (tanks) have yet to be spotted.



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