FIFA 13 Glitches, Freezing, Bugs - What Went Wrong?

Ryan King

FIFA 13 is the biggest release of the year but also one of the buggiest. What's gone wrong and how do players fix the many problems?

Published on Oct 3, 2012

One million sales in its first week.

71% of total videogame sales in its first week.

And, sadly, a huge number of complaints of problems with FIFA 13 freezing, crashing and any other number of bugs on EA's official forums. A look at EA's Answer Forums also shows the surprising scale of the problems with EA's sports title.

We have tried contacting EA for an official comment and will continue to keep trying. But the question remains - how did the biggest release of the year so far turn out to be one of the buggiest?

Here's a diary of events as they happened, plus some of the work around solutions if you're one of those experiencing problems with FIFA 13…

FIFA 13 Glitches, Crashing and Freezing

September 11 - FIFA 13 demo is released with six teams available to choose from. The demo is extremely successful, having been downloaded almost two million times within its first three days.

September 19 - FIFA 13 Ultimate Team web app is launched.

September 20 - FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is taken offline just a day later, after users find an exploit through Firefox that allows them unlimited access to free Ultimate Team packs. They were also allowed to sell these players on, distorting the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team prices in the virtual market.

"Our team has identified some new issues with the deployment of the FIFA Ultimate Team web app," said FIFA community manager Rob Hodson. "To ensure we can fix the issues we've identified and ensure a stable experience for all users, the app will remain offline for some time."

The web app was back online later that day.

September 21 - The 'early release' of FIFA 13 on Xbox 360 and PS3 for those who bought the Season Ticket pass. The first reports of FIFA 13 freezing appears on EA's official forums.

September 22 - Workaround offered by 'EA Mat' for the freezing problems on PS3. Apparently, deleting the EA Sports Central app fixes the problem.

September 24 - First thread on EA's forums about problems running the PC version of FIFA 13. 'EA_OriginSupport' responds almost immediately, asking if the user added Origin and FIFA 13 into Windows Firewall and Anti-Virus white list.

September 25 - FIFA 13 released in the US.

EA forums explode with unofficial threads about the game freezing and crashing. Discussion amongst the FIFA players bring up a few theories on what's triggering the freezing. Gameface can crash the game while loading, as can accepting a loan or purchasing players in Career Mode. Certain dates in Career Mode also lock the game up, with no amount of reloading or workarounds to dodge the problem.

There is no official word from EA on this problem, nor an EA representative in the biggest thread talking about the freezing.

There are also threads about the PC version crashing, with FIFA players discussing various workarounds such as renaming their computer via Windows or moving install files.

'EA_Echo' posts in the PC thread that "FIFA 13 requires that your OS is Windows Vitsa or Windows 7. If anyone is experiencing issues launching the game on one of those operating system please PM the details."

September 26 - 'EA_Echo' posted the following in the PC thread:

Hi everyone. Please answer the following:

- Which version of FIFA 13 do you have? Regular or Ultimate Edition?
- What region are you from?
- What OS are you running?


September 28 - FIFA 13 released in Europe.

A solution seems to be evading EA's technical team for the PC problems, as 'EA_Echo' posts the following in the thread where the PC FIFA 13 players are discussing the problem:

Hi, is this only happening for Origin ID's with special characters? And can everyone please PM me their Origin ID's. Thank you.

In the meantime, EA temporarily disabled FIFA Points for the PC version of FIFA 13, after reports that players buying FIFA Points through Origin weren't receiving them. EA says the points are correctly being attributed, however, and the points balance can be checked using FIFA 12.

There are similiar issues with FIFA Points on Xbox 360 and PS3, which EA team is "investigating". Community manager EA_Mat asks for a photo/screenshot of proof of purchase with Gamertag or PSN ID clearly visible.

September 29 - Issues of FIFA Points not being correctly attributed on Xbox 360 and PS3 now fixed.

EA says freezing or 'disc unreadable' problems with the Xbox 360 version can be fixed by clearing the cache ( has a step-by-step guide on how to clear your cache).

If this fails, EA says "please get in contact with your retailer for another copy of the game".

There are also issues with the Online Pass, as users find it has already been redeemed or hasn't been working. EA has provided a thorough, step-by-step explanation on solving the FIFA 13 Online Pass issues.

September 30 - There are still freezing issues on both Xbox 360 and PS3 FIFA 13, with many players still posting that the crashing hasn't gone away. For PS3 players, the earlier suggested fix of deleting the EA Sports Central app either hasn't worked or they aren't even aware of what it is.

October 1 - EA Sports community manager Rob Hodson makes a new thread about the crashing issues in Career Mode:

Hi, if you are experience crashes in Career Mode, please provide the following information to the best of your ability.

What platform are you using?
What were you doing when it crashed?
Are you using a game face player?
Do you have newly signed players on your team?

October 3 - Still no known solution to the PC version crashing, or the random crashing that is still bothering Xbox 360 and PS3 FIFA 13 players.

October 9 - Still chasing official comment from EA. Today and tomorrow is public holiday in Canada, so the official statement will be due after that.

Community Manager Rob Hodson has tweeted about the issues, saying: "Don't have a timeline at the moment I'm afraid. Just know that people are working on it."

October 11 - EA Sports confirms a significant title update is incoming the weekend commencing 13 October, which will address Ultimate Team problems, freezing, online issues and more. It also has more updates planned for later in the month. Hit the link for the full list of fixes and tweaks.

October 14 - EA announces on its official FIFA Twitter account that the patch has been delayed, as a 'knock-on issue was detected'. No new date has been set.



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