Original Resident Evil Cast - Where Are They Now?

Ryan King

Resident Evil 6 review is imminent, so we look at what happened to the original Chris, Jill, Barry, Rebecca and Wesker

Published on Sep 28, 2012

It's one of the most well-known FMV intros of all time but not because it's any good. Rather, Resident Evil's intro FMV remains well known even know because it's so arse-cringingly bad.

Given Resident Evil arrived at the start of the FMV era, it's unlikely we'll ever see those levels of awful acting, editing and dialogue come together in such an (im)perfect storm again.

But who are these people? And what are they doing now?


Here's something you may not know - Barry Burton is actually from Norway. The bearded hero is portrayed by Barry Gjerde, who was responsible for both voice and character likeness.

He was working in Japan as a voice actor for commercials and corporate videos when approach for the Barry Burton gig but he's also done voicework for Tekken (Yoshimitsu) and Clock Tower (Rick). He has continued working in Japan as a translator.

You can hear Barry Burton's beautiful narration below. It's really powerful. Especially against living things.


There was a rumour years back that Michael Gough, who voice Lord Saddler from Resident Evil 4, was the voice of Chris Redfield.

Michael himself admits to being unsure if he did the voice of Chris for the original Resident Evil, owing to the fact that when he did voiceover work for games, it would often be under an alias title or 'untitled project'.

It's not the first case of mistaken identity for Michael either. He's listed as the voice of Harry Mason of Silent Hill on IMDB even though it's incorrect and Michael himself has (unsuccessfully) asked IMDB to remove the credit.

So who was the voice of Chris Redfield? It was, in fact, Scott McCulloch. He has voiceover work for Tekken (Paul Phoenix), Time Crisis (Wild Dog) and Shenmue (end of game narrator).


Rebecca was portrayed by Lynn Harris, who also worked on Resident Evil as the voiceover director. She already had her own production company, Phase 1 Incorporated, which opened four years prior to Resident Evil being made. That production company is still going today.

Since Resident Evil, Harris has done voicework for Virtua Fighter (Sarah Bryant), Tekken (Nina Williams), Super Street Fighter II (Chun-Li), Street Fighter Alpha (Karin) and Sonic CD (Amy Rose).

She's also done various other projects over the years, including working for 10 years as an announcer for Japan Airlines.


The biggest mystery of all. Listed under the codename 'Inezh', there have been various rumours over the years that Jill was played by Michelle Yerger (Miss Idaho in Miss Congeniality) and Wendy Rice (adult actress). Both of those have proved incorrect.

The one person whose name comes up again and again is Irish actress Una Kavanagh, even though there is plenty of evidence it is not her. Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami has said in the past that Jill "was only a high school girl at the time" and Una herself has stated curtly to fans who have been in contact that she was NOT Jill Valentine.

Yet there are no other candidates. Whoever played Jill Valentine back then, whether Una or not,obviously wants to keep it quiet.


Rather appropriately, Sergio Jones who played Albert Wesker gone on to appear in evil-sounding movies Flesh For The Beast (John Stoker), Shadow: Dead Riot (Warden Brutawski) and To End All Wars (erm, 'Irishman').

But here's your bizarro fact of the day. He also played Dr. Inaba in Baywatch, appearing in three episodes between 1999 and 2000 under the name Sergio Alarcon. So Albert Wesker was a doctor in Baywatch. Makes sense! Sort of.



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