GTA 5: New Screens Vs GTA: San Andreas Comparison

Nick Jones

GTA 5 goes head-to-head with 2004's San Andreas. It's fascinating to see just how far the series has come.

Published on Aug 23, 2012

How far has GTA come in 8 years? This far! We've painstakingly recreated each of the new GTA 5 screenshots in GTA: San Andreas to show you the difference between PC hardware back then and PC hardware now. And how much better the San Andreas of GTA 5 will look.

We ran a similar feature when the GTA 5 trailer was released, it was fun back then and is just as fun now. Mouse over each screenshot to see its GTA: San Andreas equivalent.

Oh, and if you're viewing on an iPad or Android device, just touch the image to change between them.

Trial bike race

Tennis match

Parachute in the countryside

Jet fighter

Car skid

Pier bike ride



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