Gamescom 2012: Best Games Of The Show

Nick Jones

What were the best games of Gamescom 2012? These games were!

Published on Aug 16, 2012

What were the best games of Gamscom 2012? Well, here's what we thought. Check out the latest videos and info below.

Remember Me

Okay, ironically, it may have one of the most forgettable game names in recent history, and it may owe A LOT to the cyberpunk worlds of Blade Runner and Akira but Remember Me was one of the most promising games on show at Gamescom.

Check out the gameplay trailer above – looks a lot like Assassin’s Creed set in the future, right? Which means it’s a lot like Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, which is definitely a plus point.

The dev team behind Remember Me has no real track record to speak of, so it’s hard to know just how this one will turn out but on initial impressions, Remember Me is one to definitely, er, remember for the future.

Assassin’s Creed 3

We’re all pretty excited for Assassin’s Creed 3 right now, and at Gamescom Ubisoft showed a bit more of the naval combat in the game with this above trailer. It shold be an aspect of the game that’ll give it some much-needed variety; the last thing we want from a new Assassin’s Creed game is a re-skinning of that last one.

Don’t worry, it won’t be.


Okay, we’ve already called this one as game of the year, and in its Gamescom guise, Dishonored is really living up to our billing.

It’s the variety of powers and the way they can be creatively combined that makes Dishonored stand out from the crowd. Also the way that each assassination has multiple ways in which it can be performed. Oh, and the way that the world and the story changes depending on your actions. And the superb steampunk art style.

Basically, Dishonored looks brilliant.


We’re big fans of innovation here at NowGamer, so anything that tries to do things a little differently, however slight that may be, gets kudos from us.

Rain – from Sony’s Japan Studio – looks like it’s a pretty ordinary platform/puzzle/adventure game apart from one small detail: the character you control is invisible. Well, that is until he steps into the rain, at which point you can see his outline.

We can only guess at the kind of interesting puzzle and gameplay scenarios this fact might kick up so we’re dying to see how this one plays out.


Why should you care about another 3D puzzle/platformer game? Well, Tearaway is Media Molecule’s first game since LittleBigPlanet so you should be interested, right? Well, if you own a PS Vita you should be.

Tearaway takes place in a 3D papercraft world so with all the Vita’s cool touch controls and AR capabilities, that should make for a stylish, interesting and innovative new game, especially with MM at the helm.

Already we’ve seen how, by using touch controls, you can fold paper, cut paper, draw on paper… Do lots of things with paper to play the game. Could Tearaway be the game that PS Vita needs to succeed? Probably not, but it looks great all the same.


And while we’re talking of doing new things in an already-well-established genre, our attention turns to Puppeteer.

Puperteer looks a platform game made in a collaboration between Tim Schafer and Media Molecule but it isn’t, it’s by Sony Japan. But it looks great.

Everything takes place within the confines of a stage, complete with limelight, curtains and an audience providing a soundtrack of applause, gasps and cheers depending on what you’re doing.

It also looks like it may feature Move control so hopefully you’ll get to do some actual puppeteering yourself.

Hitman: Absolution

The reveal of the new Hitman’s see-through-walls-o-vision may have cooled our afterburners on Agent 47’s return but the reveal of the new Contracts mode has certainly re-ignited them.

In this mode players can create their own assassination challenges for other players. They can basically assassinate any NPC in any level in whatever way they want… and then lay down the gauntlet.

It’s a bit like setting racing game time trial challenges for psychopaths.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Talking of racing games, this one looks like a doozy.

The Need For Speed: Most Wanted reboot is basically Burnout Paradise meets Need For Speed created by the guys at Criterion. All supported by the latest version of Autolog. In other words: awesome.

News that you’ll be able to drive any car you see in Most Wanted’s open world is welcome, so you won’t need to unlock cars in the traditional manner: just jack any car you see.

Online and off, Need For Speed: Most Wanted will likely be the best racing game you’ve played in years.



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